Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Wouldn't it be boring to live with the same person for the rest of
your life?

How can you make a life's time decision in a matter of weeks?

How can you leave your parents whom you've lived with since the day
you were born to go live with a stranger?

How can you start sharing everything, even your toilet and bed when
you never did even with your own sisters?

How do you say you want your independence away from your parents when
you're going to have full responsibility of your own family?

Freedom is being on your own and not under another's control.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Only God Knows

I went to the doctor today because I AM SICK and ofcourse to get my medical leave. He looked in to my sore throat and said
ما فيكيش حاجه الزاهر انها حساسيه

What?! I couldn't get out of bed today! You haven't seen anything?!
لا! ازا بكره صارت حرارتك ٣٨ تعالي مره تانيه وحديكي الدوا
انتي ما أكلتيش النهارده؟ ما اديرتي تشربي؟
يبأ خلاص

Ok, I want my medical leave please... I was hoping for 3 days.
لا! هو ازا انت عايزه اكتر من يوم لازم تيجي أبل الساعه ٢

But I couldn't leave my bed today!
الله العالم

ورجعت البيت معاى حبة زيرتك والبانادول واجازة لمدة يوم واحد
شلون اقنعه اني صج مريضة؟ وشلون يشك بكلامي؟ وشلون مايشوف بلاعيمي المحتقنه؟

Blame it on hormones

I was just reading this article:
Trouble Remembering, Paying Attention at Work? This May Be to Blame

Hormonal imbalance is the answer to all women's trouble as if we are a bundle of hormones. Hormones are the reason for our moodiness, diseases, balding, and almost everything. Just stop blaming us and start blaming our hormones. Which makes me wonder, what are men made of? and is that why
الرجال قوامون على النساء؟

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Death of my heart

We sat there today. Same place, same timing. I saw you there. You were in her eyes. You were in her place. I was smiling. A sweet memory. Innocent and pure.

I miss her. I miss her alot. It all changed now. Everything's changed.

Those were the days...

My heart is aching
My soul is hollow
I count the days waiting for something to happen
Nothing happens, to my dismay
What is life?
What am I doing in this world?
Slow death
The death of my heart

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


كلمة احتاج ان اقولها
اقولها دائما ولكنك لا تعلم
اشياء كثيرة تقلقني ، تؤرقني
اشياء كثيرة تذبحني
حاولت كثيرا ان انساك
وكلما حاولت ، تمنيت لقياك
شاهدتك في منامي
شوشت علي صلاتي
كلما بعدت كلما اشتقت لك اكثر
وكلما قربت كلما طعنتني اكثر
قلبي الصغير يسع حبك
ويحطم جراء فقدك وفكرك ولفظك
يا فلان
لا اريدك ان ترجع قلبي فهو ملكك
اريد فقط عقلي لادير به نفسي تجاه فتنتك