Monday, March 26, 2007


"How come girls wanna marry and at the same time they call men
bastards or 3oo3 or Z? They wont gain men's respect"

That was a private feedback I got on my email today regarding my last post The Z Conversation

What do you tink?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Z Conversation

Once upon a time, my phone rang and the following conversation took place:

Me: Hello?
She: Flam?!
M: You?! (a close friend whom I haven't seen in years)
She: Hiiiiiiii
Me: How you've beeeen?!
She: Z..!
Me: hahaha me too!
She: Offfff men are so Z..!
Me: wahahaha I'm so glad you feel the same!
She: Yeah, no men in my life, khalas! Z..!
Me: My God, you can't imagine how happy I am!
She: hehehehe Z..!
Me: Then we've gotta meet!
She: Yes we've gotta!
Me: Way ZZZ..!
She: eee ZZZ..!
Me: Ok I'll see you tomorrow!

End of conversation.

It is so nice talking to an old friend who understands.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

He's Grown

I saw my cousin today. He's a few years younger and I haven't seen him in a long time. He got married to the woman he loves and has a baby now. It felt strange just looking at him, seeing how he's grown to a fine man, how polite he was when speaking to my uncle, how gentle he was when he kissed my grandmother's forehead. All I was thinking how well my aunt raised him. He has a career now, walked behind his father's footsteps. He simply looked and acted like a fine man. I felt proud, as if he was my own.

I am so impressed that I am missing Dr. Foziya's show right now!

I had lunch at a cafe today. I was alone at my table, but enjoyed the company of 6 old women sitting on the table next to me. They were loud, their talk was amusing; I didn't feel alone.

Friday, March 23, 2007


  • I went to the Avenues.
  • I got dizzy in the parking lot. Looked like a maze.
  • The floor is slippery, so be sure to wear rubber shoes.
  • There's Gap (yeey) but it's not open yet.
  • I saw 3 branches of starbucks and most shops are AlShayea.
  • Clothes and sizes were abundant unlike here where all sizes are 10!
  • Why has Large size turned to Small? Standard sizes are shrinking, while I am not.
  • H&M there has underwear section (yeey yeey).

  • It's my forth job, and no one's looked at my C.V.
  • All my life I've wished to get a job without wasta; it seems impossible.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Love Versus Pimple

Comparison chart



Your cheeks blush

You get inflated with joy

You get butterflies in your stomach

Differences emerge

You feel sick to the stomach thinking about it

You can't take it anymore, you break up

You get miserable and find it hard to cope

You wipe your tears

You get a scar in your heart

You think that you won't love another

You seek psychologist's help

You get healed with time

You start looking for a new one and find it in the most unexpected places

It starts with redness

An oily bump grows

The bump starts to itch

The red bump turns to a nasty white one

You feel disgusted looking at it

You can't stand its sight anymore, you play with it till it explodes

Stain comes out and you don't know what to do

You wipe the stain away

You get a scar on your skin

You think the scar won't heal

You seek dermatologist’s help

You get healed with time

A new one looks for you, in the most expected situations, like a huge one on the tip of your nose, on your wedding night.


my sister is blackmailing me.

When my sister found out that Flamingoliya the blogger is me, she got crazily mad why I haven't told her. She felt like I betrayed her. She told me everything, and expected the same thing in return.

Now, not only she remembers the betrayal in her heart, she's also blackmailing me. She has a friend who tells her everything, and she feels obliged to tell her that Flamingoliya is me. Keeping my secret makes her feel that she's betraying her friend!!!!

She doesn't understand the meaning of privacy. She doesn't understand that I have a world of my own. She wants to invade me. Whenever the circle grows, I feel less giving to this blog. No one understands this feeling except bloggers who blog my way.

Sooner or later she's going to find out. Let her find out the natural way. If she's a good friend, she wouldn't feel betrayed. The thing is MY secret, not my sister's.


Being temporarily unemployed feels great; I have time for myself. My friend says that I’m going to get bored in 3 months max. I DON'T think so!!! ;-)

First thing I did during my free time is to go to the salon and get 7amam zait. My hair felt like Arfaj for ages, I just knew that I only needed a simple pampering.


I need a good طبيب عظام
ِAny recommendations?
فيني دودوو