Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gap Kuwait

Gap is finally open in The Avenues. It's size is disappointing and I got more disappointed when I didn't find my size for the lovely crochet flip flops I found. The sales person said when I asked for my size: "That's all what we have in the WOMEN'S section" with a fake smile.
Did she have to say women's? Do I have to get THAT look each time I ask for my size?
Jeans on the shelves were dusty too. I had to close my eyes to save my lenses.

Read Zahra's review


I saw Pirates of the Caribbean Part3. I and my friends laughed and kicked so hard while the rest of the audience were dead quiet. We weren't sure if we were the silly ones, or if the audience was too heavy blooded (damhom thigeel). I just googled heavy blooded to know if this adjective existed in English just like in Arabic and this is what I got LOL an old post of mine.


Aren't I posting too much lately? I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing my writer's block curse is gone. el 7imdella, mashalla, Allahu akbar.

Writer's block
Overcoming writer's block


The past few days, I've been connecting with our neighbours internet account ;D
wanasa, but it only works well on weekends. Is there a way he can know I'm connecting through his account?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Please Them Now

Dear Post,

Today my parents are out. My sister is sitting in her locked room quietly reading a book. I did some laundry. I had some clothes that needed my touch but were left for long untouched. I've noticed that I and my sister do more stuff when my parents are out. We love home more. Maybe because we're free to do anything without anyone watching or dictating us. So in conclusion, we willingly do chores.

After my friend's father passed away, her siblings got the same effect. They were doing things their father wanted them to do in which they didn't when he was alive. These things could mean anything from simple house chores, visiting grandparents and family, or simply doing some grocery.

So my point is, why don't we all think about this, why not start thinking of pleasing our parents when they are here? or better yet, when they are alive?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A One Hour Diary

It's hard to keep my eyelids open. I slept all day last night. They are good in treating insomnia. Subhan Allah, it's strange how you see similarities between people of the same nationality; same voice, same way of speech. Now it just feels I'm in Mitwaly Sharawi's lecture.

Extroverts who speak fast and who aren't aware if you're listening or not seem to outnumber introverts. My head feels heavy, help me. I need my caffeine intake. Is there a kind of caffeine that helps you listen well and not fall asleep? Even if you have slept 12 hours last night? God, this is depressing. What would happen if I just left class?

So many times I went to check my eye sight and turned out I'm Ok. Boredom makes it hard to keep my eyes open. I am writing this infront of my instructor, and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm writing notes. It's a waste of time to give a lecture when no one's listening.

My God, my colleague actually fell asleep! I can't blame him, I really can't. If it weren't for this diary I'm writing I would've been snoring. I feel so guilty towards my lecturer. He's so indulged that he's unaware we're falling asleep.

He's bald. Thank God I am a woman and I have hair. How do bald men wash their head? Do they use shampoo or soap? Do they use a conditioner? I know it's silly to ask about conditioner, but how come their head shines? I can see the reflection of neon lights on his head.

He must have said "alright? clear?" (tamam, wathi7?) a million times while no one responded. Can't he get it?

I am not a nervous person who rocks her foot, but now I am doing so, maybe to keep myself awake? To keep my blood circulation moving?

Somehow my turkish coffee seems to be decaffeinated; the drug isn't working.

I discovered a treatment for insomnia, my management!


I wrote this during my orientation program. I got a headache afterwards and slept last night from 5pm till today 8am!
15 straight hours. I think I should consider finding another new job :p

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

qul a3uthu birab el falaq

اليوم شفت وحده صارلي تقريبا 3 أشهر مو شايفتها
سلمنا وسولفنا عالماشي وفجأة قالت :

محلوه شمسويه ؟!
صج؟ امسويه ريجيم

لا صج محلوه ..شمسويه؟
اي امسويه ريجيم !

لا من صجي.. شلون ؟
إييه !

انتي من قبل ضعيفه !
مو وايد.. سمنت .. من زمان ما شفتيني والحين رديت ضعفت

سكتت .. منبهره تخزني و مو مصدقه كلامي
ما أدري يعني.. تنطرني أقول امسويه عملية تجميل؟

Wataniya Wnet Card?

I'm thinking of getting Wataniya Wnet card.

How is it? Is fast? Is it worth it?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Spontaneity Killed Flam

Today I saw a very famous blogger and I was just about to wave at him and then I realized that he doesn't know me. This thing has been happening to me recently. I recognize bloggers and go straight and introduce myself. But after seeing the shock and horror in their eyes I TRIED to stop doing so. I am spontaneous and I do it without thinking, and the excitement over comes me. Now, each time I recognize a blogger, I call my friend to restrain me and brings me back to my senses.

To my luck, she was with me today.

Have you been through the same? What did you do?


Had anyone surprised you? If yes, how did you feel? Those whom I met, don't answer please :P

Objection your honor

It's not just the guy; she's too young. We are in the 21st century and people are still marrying in their early twenties. What does she know about the world. Why is she in a hurry? Marriage isn't a white dress and a fancy husband. I just don't want her to end up separated just like her friend who got married just because her fiance didn't approve of long engagement period. Hell, long engagement is better than a short marriage! Wake up! I wish I had a saying, I wish all goes well.

So where do you think I should get my hair done? Mustache waxed? Eyebrows threaded? Blackheads removed? (Yucky huh?)

Isn't it funny that in weddings you find not only the bride looking her best? But also the other women?

Isn't it funny that some legs only get sugared from a wedding party to another?

Isn't it?



Today's top achievement:
I went to Burger Boutique with my friend who had lunch and I ONLY ORDERED Espresso, without even tasting anything she had.

Will power to loose weight is the only way to loose weight!

Shoot me

I just wrote the longest, deepest, most personal post I've ever written and it all got deleted. Darn! It's been long since I last got inspired to write and it's all gone. I'll never come up with anything like it again.

I should get back to pen and paper again,maku 3alaihom

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back to life

back to reality.

I've got a new job and I am not happy. Tomorrow's going to be my first day and it just feels like first day of school. I've had a long, loong, looong break and I don't feel like I've had enough. The past few weeks were the best days of my life, learned alot, seen alot, heard alot!

I discovered the real me. All my life I've been preoccupied with school and work. I just stayed home 3 months after I got my bachelor and then started work and that's how my life had always been. I never liked my job, I never felt satisfied with my life. Something was missing, and I didn't know what it was but now I know. It was me. I didn't know me.

Now I've met me. Now I know what me wants. Me wants to live each day to the fullest. Me wants to enjoy her life. Me had discovered a whole new world. A world that she was blinded to see.... Me wants to make up for the lost years.

One piece of advice, never rush in to anything, trust your intuition, love yourself the most, love the people you have and not the ones you don't have.