Saturday, October 18, 2008

saying my goodbyes

at coasta now, sipping my mocha with melted flake, crunching my cheese croissant. i feel like crying. it's my last day. i am going to diet care and start a new phase of torture. i just hope i loose weight fast so that i can come back here to my flake mocha and cheese croissant. there are other restaurants i want to say my goodbyes to. but you can't have them all in a matter of a few days. 

now the question is, can you refer me to a good dietitian in diet care? i used to go to essa dashti who was great and now i can't seem to recognize the other names there, essa left them.



Tuesday, October 07, 2008

i am full

why do i eat till my stomach gets full and feel like throwing up? why do i keep doing that?
my stomach yells and says have mercy
but i haven't
i love food
and food loves me
maybe it's emotional eating
what i want is to fall in love and see if my eating lessens
even when i don't feel like eating, i still eat
my clothes are getting tight
my cheeks are exploding
i don't have the energy to run up the staires
and when i walk, i feel pregnant.
whenever i decide to diet, i eat more
from now on i will try thinking of the opposite
i want to gain wait
lets see, maybe i'd eat less!!
have you been to napket? i so want to go.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


shagool sha7chi
shay mukhzi, mukhazi jiddan jiddan.
mali khulg aktib. bas gilt a3abir 3an shu3oori eb sa6rain.
la baktib, akhaf ag3ad bachir nasya el details.

a mother with a 3 year old boy,bandaged leg, on a wheel chair, feeding him a chocolate bar and chips that she got from the vending machine.
there's no cafeteria there.

a man is thirsty. again there's no cafeteria, and the vending machine has no mineral water. there is a barrada but there are no cups. he takes a foam espresso cup from the coffee machine and goes back to barrada to drink. he calls his driver to go to the nearest baqala (soog amwaja albahar almarkazi) to buy him and his family mineral water.

an old woman lying in men's emergency room because the women's is full and her family keeps closing the curtains for the check up.

a man talks loudly on a mobile phone:
him: entay binta? tara obooch 6a7 3alaina bil qahwa. wain morta?
the doctor hears him and calls:
law sama7at law sama7t! she takes the phone and asks: feeh marath? feeh marath bil kila? mo gadir yitnaffas.

a patient's file is lost. they keep looking, but it's still lost.
not found. heard of egov? it's just a myth.

a patient is taken to a room. different staff help to carry her including nurses, farasheen, farashat.
farrash takes the oxygen tube and tries to fix it.
he shouldn't be holding it, hands must be clean. he does it with his mate, wanting tips from the patients family.

patient is lying straight. she can't breath. her son asks the nurse to push up the bed so that she can breath. nurse says that there is no remote. nurse asks farrasha to go to bed number X and takes its remote. farrasha goes and comes back with nothing. nurse asks where is the remote. farrasha says enta makoo gool remote. farrasha is older than the old patient.

patient has to take medicine. patient has to take medicine. patient has to take medicine. she can't open her mouth. family waits forever for the khafara doctor. forever and ever and ever, family goes home.

jana7 emjadad 3ala nafaqat mu7sina. laish? laish 3ala nafaqat mu7sina?

the ceiling is falling down. i can't look above. i am too scared.

lift takes FOREVER. the elderly can't use the stairs.

in the lift: he doesn't know what button to push. many numbers including "open" and "close" are vanished. why not play a guess game?

i feel sick. i don't know what's making me sicker, the illness of the person i was visiting, or the illness of my country.

It's a shame.

me clicks: publish post

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello from..

The grand mosque.
I am there hopping from one place to another. When i stand next to
kuwaitis, they either smell like bukhoor hindi, khal6a, aw madri
sheno,elmohim ena el ree7a 3atra that makes my nose itch. And when i
go next to ekhwanna el3arab,they smell like kitchen.
My noooose, itching itching,,, we have water sprays above us, its
cool, but making the smell increase because of the humidity its causing.


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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Love You For A Reason

I have a reason and I am old fashioned but I can't decide which one of you.

Monday, September 01, 2008

مبارك عليكم الشهر

aaand the question is
عطر مهند نسائي أم رجالي؟


I saw this picture CLICK on flickr 
وتذكرت أيام الغزو لما كنت أغسل الحمامات
It was the hardest chore.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to Defeat Anger

Dr.Foziya Dree' says:

wash your hands with cold water
look at yourself in the mirror
squint your eyes
and you will definitely smile.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

qoozi mo gahwa

i went to Caribou at soug salmiya today and stood in line behind 3 sisters. it took them 10-15 mins to order a cup of coffee. they were discussing it like qoozi.. things like the amount of coffee, cream, and that the amount of ice should be equal to the lego (logo) level of the cup.
i usually leave when there's crowd, i didn't expect that 3 women would take such a long time ordering coffee!! 
in the end, and after the elder sister was done ordering, the middle sister told her to let me in so that i wouldn't wait for long!!!!!! after i was done, the middle sister not only took forever ordering her coffee, she also joined her 2 sisters watching and bossing around the lady at the corner preparing their coffee. i want this , i want that, i don't want this, i don't want that!!

el mohim, i was really surprised at their behaviour, and was interested in watching the whole scenario. 2 minutes after they sat on the table, the middle sister gave back her coffee to the waitress telling her :"i don't like it, 7aram, take it".!!!!

what!?! after all that!?!?!

so the waitress gave it to the cleaner guy who passed by the place.....

in the end, the waitress came to my table and apologized for not serving me well since those people took her time. she complained that they ordered many extras in their coffee and didn't want to pay the extra charge saying that they always do that at muhallab branch and pay the fixed price. so the waitress had to pay from her own pocket since she had already punched the extras.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i need..

a vacation from my vacation.
u know what i mean?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am a good girl

best thing about it is that it makes its people extremely sweet to tourists ;)


I miss my bathroom

Sunday, July 20, 2008


i saw a rainbow
sij fagra
i couldnt believe it
i felt like a child
just wanna be a care bear like uuuuuuuuuu

Saturday, July 19, 2008

summer romance

Hello, this is Flamingoliya posting from heaven. Thanks my friends for the comments on my previous posts.
1. in the hotel
how to know there are kuwaitis in the  hotel?
their kids welcome you in the lobby
the free internet in the reception area is reserved by their kids for chatting on msn
when you walk through the corridors going to your room, on one side you smell furga3a
and on the other you small bukhoor
when you walk in the area near by the hotel, you sneeze because of the smell of dihin 3ood
2. when its raining
wa3alayya 3alainna, they hide because of the rain, and we soak wet enjoying it.
3. summer romance
dont despair, it could happen with the tour guide, or the tuktuk rider ;)
dont despair Ü
logging off now, the kids are gonna kill me *wink*
to shurouq,
i lost my ability to write, thus the very short posts :(

Friday, July 18, 2008


ya 7ilow el ebtisama eli eb balash.
o ya sheen el ebtisama etha kanat mustana3a aw mujamala,,, its tough business.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

nice weather but

its amazing how the nice weather affects mood.
but yet
how come when i see kuwaitis, they are still emkashreen?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What makes me happy?

Nice weather
good food
comfortable shoes, preferably slippers
a good lower back massage and reflex treatment
a GREEN garden with flowers and nice insects
and a possibility of a handsome guy passing by and smile at me Ü

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have a dream;

Take a chance of me.

* Inspired by Mamma Mia Movie.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

She leaves

with nothing but a dead leaf

a false dream

and a vivid reality.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I feel that something is missing but I don't know what it is. I feel lost. I feel alone, so alone. Maybe I'm missing some friends? Maybe I'm sick of my boss, my job, the atmosphere I work in. Maybe it's all these reasons together.
Man quest
Man's chest
I adhere
I cohere
Wrapped up
Fallen down
I sleep
Deep sleep
White eye
Black cat
A little girl's whisper
Flames, wake up
It's just a dream
A fancy dream
Wake up
A green stream
of hopes
of dreams
of fairies
of monkeys
hanging on my chest
tickling my neck
squeezing my arm
Flames, wake up
it's your judgment day.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Unchangeable Fate

Today we passed by AlKoot Mall, it was an unplanned visit and I was wearing high heels. You know that I can't walk properly in them, especially on slippery grounds like MALLS. So, luckily, I saw flat sandals that I wanted before but haven't found my size in Kuwait city. I bought them and continued shopping wearing them so that I wouldn't slip!

On my way out, walking happily with somethings I bought that, also, weren't available in the city, I slipped! Well almost! I stepped with one foot on the wheel chair path and slid with my new flats  with a loud scream followed by a laugh to hide the embarrassment. I felt my legs part from my body.

Now as I think of it, would I have slipped with my heels? Was I trying to change unchangeable fate? 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Elections are over

Din Din Din Dom

and the weather is great outside

Din Din Dinnn

no one is sending me any SMS


Sunday, May 11, 2008

ma3indi sot, I'm under age

btrash7een flan?




bitrash7een flan?

mani gayla, asrar

wel walda?

7ita ehya mara7 tgool, asrar!     CHUCK

bitrash7een flan?



leanna wayid ediz msgs!

bitrash7een flan?




ee laish? matabeen etrash7een FLAN? tara wayid zain!

LA!!!!!          CHUCK!




Tuesday, April 29, 2008


عندي فكرة جهنمية
ليش ماتسون المؤتمرات في المطار؟
وتريحون الشرطة والشعب والشارع إلي ابينبط؟
والحصران الي مثانته ابتنفجر
والموظفة الحكومية الي وراها دقة كرت بالدقيقة والثانية والي ملازمة البيت اعتراضا على الزحمة؟
لأنها تدري لو شنو ماراح توصل
الانقطاعات زادت
والخصومات ارتفعت نسبتها
والمعاش بانخفاض شديد

Monday, April 21, 2008

Keep on spending



Material things in general;

Are temporal tranquilizers


The real remedy for your illness is:


To make more money,

And to keep on spending


Sunday, April 20, 2008

I don't know

Truth Fiction Dreams Fantasy I don't know what's real anymore.

Monday, April 14, 2008

fini sarkha


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Perrier VS Beer

Excuse me Sir, but I didn't know that pronouncing the word Beer is a taboo.
I had some work with a company that imports Beer. So when discussing it with my boss, he was refering to it as Perrier the whole time. I kept on correcting him, but he was insisting. He wouldn't believe that it was Beer although he was holding the papers that spelled out the WORD BEER!
It's been three days now, and still refering to it as Perrier. So, I was gossiping about it with a colleague of mine who confessed that yes, he wouldn't say Beer either, because the word is considered a taboo! He was amazed at how brave I was saying the word out loud!
"Would ji3a be a better title?" I asked.
No! Because it made me the taboo girl now, Flamingoliya ji3a! as he desided to nickname me!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Just Wondering...

You know when you're at work and you have piles of papers and files covering the beautiful wooden texture of your luxurious governmental desk (6aal)...
You know when you start wondering and questioning yourself ever silly question you have just to keep yourself entertained....
So I was wondering...
What would happen if I spilled thick sugary Turkish coffee on the contract I'm studying?
I did it once, but the papers were yellowish, this time they are white...
When they were yellowish, we (I, the consultant, and the colleague who's work I ruined; the one who yelled and almost swore at me) wiped it off with Kleenex. Kleenex can be a useful tool, even more useful than when you have a stuffed nose.
But what would I do with white paper? What? What?
What would my boss do?
They will fire me. Yes, they will, I am Kuwaiti, and Kuwaitis don't get fired, but they will!
Ohh, yes, isn't that what I deeply, wishfully, wish and aspire for?
Ohhhhhh yessssssssss
I am relieved......
I have hope now....
I am ready now to get back to work.....
Happily :D

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stocks VS Boss

مديري ومؤشر البورصة
كلما ارتفع كلما كشت فيني
و كلما نزل كلما حط علي
خلوه دايما مرتفع
(أحلام موظفة حكومية)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reverse Psych.

i don't work
i don't have a job
i don't have to wakeup early 
i don't have a job
i sleep late
i am on vacation
no it's not over

no i don't have to sleep now

i love you
i love you 
i love you

Friday, March 28, 2008

Where Art Thou?

I sing a song,
I call your name;
but no one answers

The echo of your name,
of my own voice;
is all I hear

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Say a Little Prayer

I say a little prayer

A prayer to redeem you
A prayer to destroy you
A prayer to collide your world
To break the heart of your soul

A prayer;

that is not a prayer

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do You Remember?

Do you remember?
When we used to play?
We hid, we ran
We jumped, we sang
We danced, we fooled with each other
And then
We grew up
We grew apart
But I know
I am still in your heart

The mark you left on my right hand is still there
Your way of showing love was by beating me
The more you beat me, the more I felt your love
I knew you just wanted to tease me
I knew you just wanted to please me

Those memories cannot be forgotten
When I am mad at this world
I lay back on my bed
Close my eyes
And just remember and dream of my younger years
I change sides
With a smile on my face
I sigh
And sometimes I wake up and laugh

Sweet days they were
Sweet memories they are
Sweet dreams they will always be

I am forever thankful
For the sweetness you added to my life
No one
And I mean no one
Ever replaced you
Except a few fake copies of you

I will forever be

Inspired by Aisha ElMarta

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Day She Learnt

Once upon a time
There was a girl
Who wanted to fall in love

She went up a cliff
and jumped
She fell on a flower

It was a rose
Thorns punctured her soft skin
But the rose petals wiped away her blood stains

It was the day she learnt what love is
It hurts
It makes you cry
But it wipes away your tears.............. softly

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Yesterday & Today

Yesterday while I was lying in bed sick of the dusty weather exchanging emails with Ms.Baker who was also at home lying in bed and exchanging emails with me :P

She sent me this YouTube link where she was one of the young kids dancing there. Watching this video made me feel like watching it for the first time. People looked HAPPY, REALLY HAPPY, just look at their faces and smiles.

While looking at the current celebrations, and comparing them, it seems to me that people just NEED ANYTHING to MAKE them happy. They celebrated in the dust (when the TV was warning them to stay at home) and look at the way they celebrate, I am not saying that carnivals aren't fun neither spraying foam. But why do you think they'd go in the dust? They say because Kuwait deserves it (elKuwait tistahil) but I don't think that that is the reason. The reason is that they are just bored and want any activity that they think might make them happy.

My point is, celebrations before WERE HAPPY. Now, it is just some bored kids who want to dance their way, spraying and damaging cars.

As for today, I read this great post which was linked again to YouTube. There, I found this (Link) and this (Link). Maybe they are old and you all watched them before but it was my first time and I was really touched. Despite the pain of those days, they were also (7ilween). Good in a sense that..... madri shagool.... this whole post is a mess.... I can't express it well... so I hope you got what I mean.

Friday, February 22, 2008


It happens every weekend, ALL MORNING!
They should only be played with in the desert!


Monday, February 18, 2008

My Flamentine (Day 3)

I got a few missed calls and the following SMS messages




1:06 pm


صباح الفل يا أرق عطر يهدي رائحته على كل الناس

متكونيش بخيله لو برنه


This reminds me of
الذكرى ناقوس يدق في عالم النسيان

6:35 pm


اجمل حاجة في الدنيا الصبر والصداقة والحب والقلب الطيب




11:01 pm


همبورجر قال لهمبرجراية ما تيجي.

قالت له لأ

قالها ليه يا روحي؟

قالت له أصل عليا كاتشب.

OMG, I just understood this joke

12 am


حقيقي والله نفسي اسمع صوتك خلي قلبك رحيم
OK, I think this is heart softening




تبون تكملة ام لا؟
i got some interesting sms today, but arabic typing will take long.

till tomorrow ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Continuation of my Flamentine

1 Missed call.

Then, this sms at 1:13pm

بعشق الكويت واهل الكويت علشان سمعت اجمل صوت في الكويت هو انت واتمنى اسيب السعودية واعمل في الكويت

At 4:05pm

انا سوف اعتبرك من ملكات الدنيا بس دقي عليه ولو نص دقه يا صاحبة الجلالة

ِAt 8:39pm
Another missed call

Now the question is, doesn't he sound Egyptian?


At 11:37pm
Missed call.

At 11:40pm

يا رب يا صاحبة السمو تسمحي لي بسماع صوتك لانه حقيقي وحشني
أو دقه منك

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Belated Valen6ee6

Today at 7pm I received an international call from a man who shut the phone right after I said "na3am?". At 7:27 I received an sms msg saying:

أجمل وأرق نعم سمعتها بحياتي

At 9:02pm I got another saying:

لو أدري اني سوف أسمع هذا الصوت كنت اتصلت عن طريق الغلط من زمان

Thank you God for sending me someone by mistake to make me happy right after celebrating my Independance day last night.

But the question remains,

أصدق والا ما أصدق؟

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Self Talk

Why are you unhappy?
Because I don't like it.
But why? You should! It's for your own country!
I don't care about it and I don't give a damn.
It is not what I like doing, and I don't understand this stuff.
Why am I still here?
Because I don't know where I stand.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I bought an Ipod last August and it's been empty ever since. I just learned how to use LimeWire (thank you Poet) and I've suddenly fallen in love with Ipoddi and Mac!
Yes I want to buy myself a Mac.

Here's what I downloaded. I am an oldie.

All I have to do is dream
Annie's song
Any dream will do
To really love a woman
Circle of life
Hotel California
Endless love
Nothing's gonna change my love
I can see clearly now
I can show you the world
My endless love
Oceans apart
I believe I can fly
Because I love you
Those were the days my friend
Unbreak my heart
Under the board walk
Hips don't lie

الكويت صغيرة
في ناس يشوفون هالشيء زين وفي العكس

أنا أقول أنه شيء زين
when I meet people I like :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Word From You

A word from you...

A glance...

A touch...

Rejuvenates me
Empowers me
Entices me
Like no other chocolate does

I fancy you

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Cry

I am tired of thinking of possibilities
The more I think, the more my hair turns to white
I want to sleep and have sweet dreams
How do you do that?
How can I not think of you?
How can I let you in my dream?
Without worrying about my boss
or reaching work on time?
How can I not tremble when I speak to you?
How can my heart not beat when I see you?
How can I not look at you, and see the beautiful me inside of you?
How can I set myself free of your crush?
How can I not walk without you on my mind in everything I do
How can I?
How can I enjoy myself when you're not there?
How can I hide how I feel when they mention your name?
How can I?
How can I lie about the truth
How can I see you as a lie?
How can I lie at you? at myself? at them?
I and you can see,
but they can feel
It is there
It is everywhere
It is capturing their hearts
and mine too
But what is capturing yours?
Is it me?
or is it them?
Can you see me?
Can you feel me?
I know you can
Can you feel how deep it is?
Do you understand my acts?
My stares?
My moodiness?
I know they can
I know you can
I know I can't stop
I want more and more
But it has to end

Sunday, January 06, 2008

While Holding Her

Lieing on my chest; deep asleep.
Snoring helplessly; nose is stuffed.
I wished for winter, now I want Summer back.
She shivers and quivers; my heart leaps.
She cries,her face reddens; she lets out gas.
She pulls a strand, grasp my collar; shows amazing strength from a body so petite.
I feel a great big gap as I pull her from my chest and lay her in a basket sized bed.
I sit back on my rocking chair and wait for her next nap.