Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fashion News

Hey girls! Fulla has a new Abaya! :P


Here's a picture showing the old model for those who aren't up to date with fashion!


On this occasion, I would like to express my deepest admiration to mit7ajbat girls who seem to be the happiest this season being able to wear their knee high boots with short skirts.

You look silly!

I am sure that if it weren't for people's talk, they would've worn those sets in summer too.

Even those wearing their hijabs the way girls on MBC4 are wearing them, those are super models and there's no way your side tied hijab competes with theirs.

Oh and please, you can show off your rings or other jewelry, but there's no need for you to show us your ear lobe and your XXXL earrings.

Recently viewed alien sightings:

1. A lady fully dressed with a skirt, body, and jacket, AND niqab only without abaya.
2. Some ladies wearing a new abaya model with low waste cut!!! I didn't dare to take a shot for you, but will definitely do it if Fulla gets to wear one.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What's in Your Name?

My mother wanted to name me Basma (smile) when I was first born, but my dad didn't like the name. And since we live in a society where men are domineering, he won the game. He called me by a name of his choice.

Now, when I ask mom why she didn't fight for the name Basma, wanting to tease her for being dominated, she tells me that I used to be heavy blooded and rarely smiled. Thus, she does not regret not calling me Basma.
She thinks that the name Dam3a (tear) would've fit more.

My current name is a happy one too. People can't tell if I'm happy, because I hide my smile. Maybe if they had named me Basma I wouldn't have became so gloomy looking.

I do believe that names affect personality. Check out this link click click and find out what your name tells about you. And don't forget to tell me if what you read fits you or not. Let's study together our names and their effects.

Have a nice vacation, and please, always keep a Basma (smile) on your face. A Basma produces happy hormones, but don't do it overly because it increases wrinkles.

4 posts at a time, I'm suddenly inspired.


Do you actually Laugh Out Loud every time you type LOL?

A friend asked me this question while chatting, and I had to come up with a logical explanation since I don’t LOL for real at all times.


He told me we will be always together
I told him "ask your mother"

He told me "I want to be your brother"
I told him "go ask another"

Now, he sees me
and I see him

our love is stronger than ever


He used to tell me that love doesn't exist
She used to tell me that there's no happy love

I used to insist that love exists
I used to dream of happy love, though I suffered

He proved me wrong
I proved her right

It's Winter Time

مبروك حلول فصل الشتاء
I just turned off my AC

Saturday, December 24, 2005

For Flickraholics

or any one who's interested in photography. Don't miss out the photography exhibition click click

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cool & Romantic


This appartment catches my attention everytime I drive down the Gulf Road. There are always people in the balcony over looking the sea. Romantic Neons, don't you think?


This biker caught my attention. He was an old man wearing the full kuwaiti attire of dishdasha and qitra. I drove as fast as I could to take a shot, and this is what I came up with. Bummer, I wanted to read what was written on the back of his seat. They were 3 words, the last one was Za7ma!
What a cool old guy.

Khattaba in the toilet

I found this sticker on the toilet wall at marina cresent


a call card for a khattaba/match maker! khooosh mokan!


Click the picture for a larger view!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I Met Me

I am an indecisive person. A thing that is difficult most when shopping. My friends and family hate going out with me because I always keep them waiting for long. Some times I even end up buying nothing because I just couldn’t decide. I know that this is too much but that’s me no matter how I try to change. If I make up my decision fast enough, I end up regretting it and go back for a refund or an exchange.

Today, I met me. I had a strange encounter with someone with the same case. She was checking out some walking/singing teddy bears at the toys corner. They looked fun and cute so I stood there watching. She asked me which one I thought fit best for a one year old baby boy. She needed advice and I was there to help. We shopped a little together and she showed me all the toys she liked. It’s true that I can’t make up my own decisions but when it comes to people, I can decide in no time and they always turn out to be the perfect decisions. My friends even get mad sometimes when they end up ruining their budget and I, the one who helped them choosing, end up buying nothing.

I left the lady and went on shopping. It was a large place and on my way back, I saw her at the exact same place! That’s when the bell rang. That is me. That is how people see me. I checked out the whole shopping place while she was still in the same area trying to make a decision. Oh my god I can’t be like this. This is pathetic.

So I walked by her side and asked her why she was still shopping there. This time she was looking for a girl’s gift. She was holding two very similar puzzle games and couldn’t decide on one. So I told her that I liked the third one on the shelf. She said that she liked it too, but maybe that’s how we as adults see it, and not a 6 year old girl. Also, the girl liked green and that was blue. The two puzzles she was holding were green, so she wasn’t left with too many options for her to stand there for long. I told her to choose one and to take the whole set of matching bag and note book. She loved the idea, although they were there infront of her all this time but couldn’t think about it. That’s the typical me. I felt sorry for her and for myself. It’s really tiring and shopping for others makes it worse. You have to think of their age, their likes and dislikes; a thing that seems difficult especially when we can’t decide on our own liking.

I tried to be of help as much as I could because I felt her frustration. How many times I wished my mom, sister, or friend were there for an opinion.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

He Confessed

Me: Da3ait lee?

6abakh: Ee misa3 ana salli fog. Ana galb mal ana hibbak enta walla.
Hatha kanoon ehni lazim cham ya3ti 3ashan zawaj (mahar)?

Me: mako qanoon. Rajal wajed foloos ya3ti marah wajed foloos. Bas ako rajal eshwayya foloos, ya3ti marah eshwayya foloos.

6abakh: sij?! 3ayal mafi mushkil enta!

Ana fi bangladish lazim marah ya3ti rajjal. Etha marah abyath oo hilow, mafi mushkil, maya3ti rajjal foloos, aw ya3ti eshwayya.

Bas ako marah aswad, oo mo hilow, lazim ya3ti rajjal wajid foloos.

Monday, December 05, 2005

A One Year Old Autobiography

This time last year

I was introduced to the blog world by my sister. I wanted to write anonymously, so I found refuge in writing poems. She was around, and I had to keep my posts vague. In a matter of days, I’ve become hooked. I was obsessed with blogger’s profiles. I couldn’t sleep without posting.

I started my
memoirs of a single girl series. I wrote about work disappointments. I wrote about people’s pains. I wrote about children’s pains.

I shared my
joy, I shared my pain. I joined forces with the wonderful Kuwaiti single girls. I was imaginative sometimes, but I was mostly real.

No matter how
silly I sounded, you were there. You heard me gossip, you heard me wail. You un-huffed me.

dated, and I got engaged. I was drawn by Ray, and I was caught by my sister.

I had a year full of surprises. I lost friends, I lost loves. Blogging was one of the things I gained. I met wonderful people and my life has changed. I feel no more different. I feel no more incomplete. I send my
love to you all.

Fart Support Campaign Dedicated to A3sab

Wishful 6abakh

I gave 6abakh (a farrash at work) something. He mumbled something like "lasuirghxjuvleugncylsgdfysldnrgvlaibugylefixcbg" as he left. So I called him back and asked him about what he said. He said "ana gool Allah sawwi enta zawaj sor3a sor3a" and left giggling.