Saturday, July 28, 2007


chained out
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3oqad 3oqad 3oqad

What's so secret about hiding an email? Especially when you deal in real? Wallah I thought they were exchanging visa numbers.

What is it with some people who act freely online, while in real they pretend they don't even know you.

How come some men don't greet you in public or, when they are with their wives?

I don't understand...
I don't know how to act...
or how to respond anymore..

Don juan
He walks with pride. He talks with pride. They're all mad about him. He is cute, but he's not my type. I don't like work related Don juans. It's not the right atmosphere.

I always heard about it, but I just felt it. Why are all the good men taken?

I told him he was too young to get married. His defensive answer proved me right "I'm a man" (ana rayyaaaal) with a full chest and laid back shoulders.
Now he proved me more right, that he's having second thoughts after a loooooooong engagement period. Not to mention the reason for choosing her in the first place was her being very pretty (sarookh).

* Sharing a passion for something in common is very attractive and ...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One day in your life

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My parents won't allow me to ride a bike
But this picture gave me hope

Monday, July 23, 2007

Om-Tak3a Story

وصلني بالايميل:

في أحدى الأيام إلتقيت بشخص محترم ومؤدب ووقعت في الحب .

وعندما قررنا الزواج قررت أن أقدم أغلى التضحيات بالنسبة لي

وأتخلى عن أكل البقوليات وخاصة الفول. بعد بضعة اشهر من الزواج،

وفي يوم عبد ميلادي ، كنت في طريقي للعودةإلى المنزل بعد إنتهاء

دوامي في العمل تعطلت سيارتي في الطريق

وحيث أننا نعيش في الريف إتصلت بزوجي واخبرته انني سوف

أتأخر قليلاً حيث أنني مضطرة أن أعود إلى البيت مشياً على الأقدام .

في طريقي للعودة مررت بمحل صغير يبيع الفول وكانت رائحة الفول

أقوى من أن تكمل مسيرك دون أن تتوقف .

فقلت لنفسي أنني سوف آكل صحناً صغيراً ومن السهل جداً

التخلص من جميع آثار الفول أثناء سيري إلى البيت ، حيث أن الطريق طويل ،

فتوقفت عند المحل وإشتريت صحناً من الفول وأكلته

وأحسست بأنني مازلت جائعة فأكلت الصحن الثاني ثم الثالث .

في طريقي إلى المنزل حاولت جهدي أن أتخلص من جميع الغازات التي تملأ

بطني بسبب أكلي للفول .

عند وصولي إلى البيت رأيت زوجي ينتظرني عند الباب فرحاً لرؤيتي

وهو يقول لي " حبيبتي ، لقد عملت لك مفاجأة للعشاء الليلة "

وطلب مني أن أغطي عيني بقطعة قماش ، ثم أمسكني من يدي وأدخلني غرفة الطعام

وأجلسني على الكرسي ، وفي اللحظة التي أراد فيها أن يرفع العصابة من على عيني رن جرس الهاتف ،

فطلب مني أن أعده بأن لا أرفع العصابة حتى يكمل مكالمته ويعود .

وأثناء إنشغاله بالمكالمة بدأ مفعول الفول يظهر مرة أخرى ،

وأصبحت لا أستطيع أن أتحمل أكثر من ذلك فوجدتها فرصة ورفعت إحدى رجلي لأطلق سراح واحدة بصوت مزعج ودويي هائل عندها أحسست بفرحة غامرة وشعور بالنصر.

لم تكن طويلة ولكن كانت رائحتها قوية كرائحة الشاحنة المحملة بالسماد،

فرفعت المنديل من على رجلي وحركته يميناً وشمالاً لتحريك الهواء وإبعاد الرائحة .

وأحسست مرة أخرى بأني بحاجة إلى إطلاق واحدة أخرى تشيه الأولي أن لم تكن أقوي ،

وكنت ما أزال أسمع صوت زوجي يتكلم بالهاتف ففرحت و رفعت رجلي مرة أخرى

وأطلقت الثانية ثم الثالثة فالرابعة وأصبح المكان رائحته كريهة

كرائحة الملفوف المطبوخ ... وحيث أن زوجي مازال على الهاتف يتكلم

قلت في نفسي ستأخلص مما تبقى من الغازات في بطني وأخرجت الباقي

وأحسست بالراحة ولكن أصبحت رائحة المكان لا تطاق ...

ومرة أخرى حركت المنديل حتى تختفي الرائحة ، وبعد بضع دقائع سمعت زوجي

يودع الشخص الذي معه على الهاتف ورجع إلى الغرفة ، فرسمت على وجهي صورة

البراءة بحيث أنني لم أفعل أي شيء . ورفع زوجي العصابة من على عيني ،


تفاجئت بوجود 12 شخص حول مائدة الطعام يصفقون لي ويقولون : "عيد ميلاد سعيد "

من خجلي من الموقف أغمى علي

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Low Tech
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Dr. Fawziya Duree interviewed Khalid Abduljalleel again last night. The best part of the interview was that he seemed to have never heard of masochism or sadism in spite of the fact that he knows a lot of marriage/divorce issues.

The Basboosa Story

He told a story about a lady who called herself Basboosa. She made 25 men fall head over heels for her only by telephone; no one had ever seen her in real. This Basboosa lady turned out to be a guy; an Egyptian building security guard. He always received gifts from them, some of which were daily Kunafa in which he shared with his neighbor security guards.

The Bas bosa Story

oo 3ala 6arey el basboosa, I remember when a few years ago in Mecca when I had just finished my omra rituals and on my way back to the nearby hotel, a guy with a dish of basboosa came to me saying: " BAS BOSAH" in a cheap way. I felt sick to the stomach and MAD especially that I had just finished my omra and supposed to feel good and purified.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


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She's 32

He's 25


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dr. Hiffff

I like this building at the freezone area


أنا: دكتور اليوم فيني ..... فكنت غايبه
الدكتور: الله يعطيك العافية
أنا بتعجب: الله يعافيك

الدكتور: شالمطلوب؟

أنا: مرضية

الدكتور: هففففففففففففففففف


وايد أفكار وكلمات يات في بالي ماراح أكتبها لأنكم راح تكرهوني

الدكتور: هففففففف


الدكتور عطاني الورقة

أنا: شكرا



Today at 8 pm I read shopa's post about a play and decided to go. I knew I'd be late, and I also knew that in Kuwait, no one's precise in time. So at 9 sharp I was at the door and was surprised that the play was over! I only got to see the applause in the end and by that only, I was amazed. It seemed to be like a nice play; the music and the dancing. I didn't know we had such young talents. Worst thing was that the place was loaded with people and hot as hell.

As I left the building, I was feeling disappointed that I missed it, guilty for canceling my plan with my friend, and old cos (mani gayla).


I love my nephew more than his brother, because he looks like me. It makes me feel guilty.


Carfor is huge, made me feel dizzy. You need to wear sports shoes when you go there.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Memoirs of A Single Girl (10)

A. Knock.. Knock..
B. Who's there?

A. Kha6eeb.
B. Kha6eeb who?

A. Kha6eeb erhabi.

B. Get lost!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Dream Come True

I'm too sleepy to read about it (Click here), and I'm not sure if it's what I think it is, but nevertheless, I like it. I have trouble getting up in the morning, and I'm always late for work.

Here are some things I wrote at different times during the past few days:

Why is my introversion perceived as being proud?

If I'm quiet or sitting alone It could mean that:
I have nothing to say, or,

I disagree but too polite to say it,


Not interested,

Have something better to do,

Can't mingle,

Not my type.

Best thing about having a meal in a restaurant with someone who isn't talkative is when you happen to sit close to a table of old Kuwaiti women gossiping; so amusing.

I want to go back to my own shell; it's much safer than the outside world


Since I'm usually the victim, and often naive, sometimes dumb and always slow, I got back at a policeman who offended me by calling me (emtan7a). Yes I yelled, swore and my body shook; thanks to PMS.

I am happy and stuck in my office the whole day, ONLY when my boss is on vacation. But when he's around, you don't find me. I can't stand him, I can't talk to him, and my stomach growls when I look at him.

Who watched Dr. Fawziya Duree last Sat.? It was hilarious and there will be a continuation next week so doesn't miss it. She interviewed the lawyer Khalid Abduljaleel.

He mentioned reasons for divorce in Kuwait. Reasons like: bad breath (a husband who never brushes his teeth), body odor (a husband who doesn't shower). His way of telling stories is funny and sarcastic, sak 3ala foziya bil kalam, he needs his own program.

ليش الحصول على فيزا هالأيام صار قمة في الإذلال

Friday, July 13, 2007

Younger Guys

Younger guys;
they are sweet,
they are tender,
they make you feel younger

They are fun,
they are as cute as honey bun.
They make you quiver,
under the hot Summer sun

Younger guys
are good for your health;
You can run
You can play
You can even fool with clay

Younger guys
are understanding
and are not so demanding

Younger guys
respect you
and are a good tease

Older guys
Who needs them?
They are only good in squeaking farts

Thursday, July 05, 2007

It Felt Different

It felt different
Her bedroom was locked
I knew I wouldn't find her
But I had to prove it to myself
I had to go and check
I used her bathroom
I prayed in her room
Some stuff were packed
Her wheel chair was standing in the middle of the room
I touched it, felt the rubber handles
A paper with large writing was hung on the cupboard with the number of prayers as a reminder
I looked at the color of the rug as I sat of the floor after my prayers, the wooden cupboard infront of me, and the flowery curtains to my right;
"She had good taste" I thought
She loved flowery patterns whether on her dress, curtain, or couch
It felt strange
Being in her place, amongst her belongings
With her smell in the air
Without her being there

"A beatiful face without a name for so long.
A beatiful smile to hide the pain.
Did you ever know you're my hero,
and everythin I would like to be?"

(Bette Midler)