Sunday, January 30, 2005

You're Not a Dog

I got a phone call yesterday from a higher authority blaming me for not addressing the company I was sending a letter to by the word: mo7tarameen. Sirs didn’t seem enough for them. We argued on the phone till he sent me the letter back so I had to do as ordered. It is considered 3aib in Arabic language. But what if I thought the company wasn’t mo7tarama?; Running away from its obligations.

It was my friend’s birthday last week. I remember noting it on my calendar last year to avoid forgetting like I always do. So this year, a few days before her birthday was due, I made sure of setting the alarm and noticed that the month is correct, according to her star sign, but the day was wrong! It was another friend’s birthday. So I, trying to be smart, changed the date by myself thinking that both friends shouldn’t have matching birthdays.
So on the due date, the notification alert rang. I proudly urged all her friends to send her a message along with mine, only to get a reply from her afterwards expressing her gratitude, but correcting the date. Yes, both friends were born on the same day, but on different months. I was ashamed not only from her but from her friends too who tried to correct me and I didn't listen. So much for self-confidence.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Lame Housewife

I did a perfect husband test on this link:
and I turned out to be a lame housewife. I wasn't surprised really, but expected to score a bit more than 10! If any guy gets a high score, and is interested in a lame housewife, please don't hesitate contact me! :P

Where's my Throne?

You had a heart of stone
You left the castle and broke my bone
You presented me a throne, on a pillow of chiffon
You were ignorant of you, being my clone

My desperate moan.
My weeping tone,
Couldn't reach your phone
You left me alone, in my own private zone

Butterflies grown,
Master of my head was gone
I'm glad I'm back after all,
To my good old home

Peace of mind is hard to find
When the perfect bind makes me grind
Scream and jolt aren’t my code
I go back and lie behind my cold, selfish scapegoat

Feeling sound and secure
From my tickling stomach pedicure
Starts each day on my 3 o'clock ride home
Enjoy a moments flame, and then go our separate ways

Copyright© Flamingoliya

"In the glass I saw a strange reflection"

Sunday, January 23, 2005

La la la la la la

Sorry dear bloggers, I had to delete the lyrics.

Rain is gone

I can see clearly now that the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright sun shining day

I love rain, and this is the first time I feel happy that it's gone. Sorry rain!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

1000 Counter Hits

Celebrating 1000 counter hits, though I'm sure most of them were my own. The interesting part is that I was the 1000 visitor on the counter. It was nice seeing the 1000 with my own eyes. One month and 13 days passed since I started this blog. A big thank you for all my dear blogger friends.

I would like to add "
Eid mubarak" to you all.
I pray Allah ya7fih el Kuwait from terrorists, and blog addiction.
I pray I can find a new outfit for Eid.
I wanted to go to marina mall this afternoon but I got a message saying that a map for bombing the mall was stolen. So I stayed home like a chicken. Maybe I'd go to Kuwait city make my way through the traffic jam hoping to find an outfit. Or just stay home and wear whatever is there in the cupboard, after all, my old grandma compliments everything I wear even if they were worn out.

Enjoy your holiday people.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Ouija Board

I thought It was just a toy. A board game just like monopoly. But it wasn’t.

She brought the game and explained it for me. I told her that I was a pro and tried it many times using paper and finyal (arabic coffee cup) but never worked. I remember hiding in the dirty untidy Mul7aq (outside room used for storage) that was full of bugs with my friend. We read Quran and started ta7theer arwa7 (reaching spirits). All what we got was our street cat making strange moves and running out of the room. That scared us, but it was no proof since the finyal kept quiet. It was a disappointment to us, but a relief that I won’t loose 45 prayers.

We used candles too in her room trying to reach her dead friends soul in the dark, without the use of finyal. Nothing worked either although she claimed it happened when I wasn’t around. There was a fear of the unknown mixed with mere excitement of reaching the dead.

So there I was again in the clean diwaniyya this time, with another friend. We said our prayers. I was completely relaxed cause this time it was noon and the sun rays were coming through the window glass. We didn’t have to use candles. I knew for sure that ghosts won’t come near.

We called for the spirit and to my surprise, the triangular piece of plastic moved. I could’ve reassured myself that it was my friend moving it cause it was a very light plastic and easy to move around without me noticing. But seeing her slight finger touch on the piece and feeling my finger moving with a power I knew I didn’t have made me realize it was real. It worked. It finally worked. Was I happy? I was excited more than happy that I finally experienced what elders did when they didn’t let me do it with them in the late dark cold nights at chalet. Had they known I would try it with my friend? Had they known they kept me eager to experience what they experienced?

I asked for my dead relative that I never seen. They called her and I knew it was her because she described her looks and her description was similar to mine. Both my friend and I asked whom we were going to get married to, and the names mentioned were close family names.

I was satisfied that I did it. I quenched my curiosity. Promised myself not to do it again not only for knowing about loosing 45 prayers but also after knowing that the Jin would’ve haunted me.

Years of trying to reach Jin by finyal, was easily achieved with Ouija board. I wonder how it is carelessly sold like just another piece of toy; It is not.

WARNING: This post is published to share an experience. Whether you are religious or not, DO NOT try it. It can make you an easy prey for Jin to haunt you.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Good Theory

In villages in Pakistan, a prospective bridegroom is brought before relatives of the bride, who insult him with every known invective. The theory is that, if he can take that,he has nothing to fear from what the bride will say later.
Robin Ray

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

مذكرات عانس 1

وصفته لي باسهاب فقلت
أنا: انه قصير
هي: ذلك لا يهم
أنا: مو حلو
هي: انه الجوهر وليس المظهر
أنا: انه غير جامعي
هي: ولكن وظيفته جيده
أنا: انه فقير
هي: الله يغنيه
أنا: لا أعرفه
هي: ستتعرفين عليه
أنا: أمه شكلها نسره
هي: ماراح تسكنين معاها
أنا: أخته سمره وشعرها كشه
هي: ادعي ربك عيالك يطلعون على خالاتهم
أنا:انه نحيف جدا
هي: طباخك سيسمنه
أنا: انه مطلق
هي: وما العيب في ذلك، لقد كان هو الضحية
أنا: وما أدراك بأنه هو الضحية
هي: هو قال ذلك
أنا: ولو سألنا طليقته، ستقول بأنها هي الضحية
هي: أحسنت، لن تعرفي الحقيقة إلا بعد التجربة
أنا: ولم أغامر
هي: هذه هي الحياة، والمغامرة موجودة حتى لو تزوجتي برجل لم يسبق له الزواج
أنا: ولكن هذا لديه طفل
هي: سيكون بمثابة ابنك وستربينه
أنا: ولكنه ليس من دمي ولحمي، لا أريد أن أكون زوجة الأب، ماذا لو أصبحت قاسية، مالذي سأفعله حين يكلم زوجته الأولى بخصوص ابنه، ستظل ذكراها موجودة بحياته طالما كان الابن موجود، أنا شديدة الغيرة ولن أتحملها
هي: ولكني سمعت بأن الابن في حضانة والدته وليس للأب أية علاقة به
أنا: لا أقبل برجل يتخلى عن أبنه، سيتخلى عن أبنائي أيضا
هي: ولكن طليقته صغيرة وجميلة و ستتزوج يوما من آخر، حينها سيتربى الابن عند الجدة
أنا: سيشاركني وأبنائي بالإرث يوما ما
هي: ولكنه رجل (ما يطوف)، كفي عن الثرثرة، معادنا غدا في مطعم ......... ، سيكون هناك ليراك، اهتمي بمظهرك وكفي عن لبس الجينز وسرحي شعرك الغجري، ولا تنسي أن تتكحلي وتضعي أحمر الشفاه
أنا: ماذا؟ نتواعد على الغداء؟ استحي! إني لا أعرفه! ولماذا أغير من مظهري، ألن يشاهدني على طبيعتي بعد الزواج؟ لم أخدعه بشكل آخر؟ , ولم
هي: كفي عن هذا الهراء، ومن قال لك بأنه سيتغدى معك؟ سيراك فقط للمعاينة
أنا: وهل أنا بضاعة؟
هي: ألا تريدين الزواج؟
أنا: نعم
هي: إذن افعلي كما أقول
أنا: وكيف سأعرفه؟ هل سيرتدي البنطلون أم الدشداشة؟
هي: لن تعرفيه، هو طلب ذلك منعا للإحراج
أنا: إحراج؟ ولم الإحراج؟ أليس لي الحق بأن أشاهده وأعاينه كما يعايني؟
هي: انسي موضوع الإحراج، ولا تقلقي على موضوع المعاينة، ستسنح لك فرصة المعاينة حين يزورك بالمنزل مع والدته
التي اكتشفت بأنها شاهدت صورتي في عرس ما، عند إحدى الصديقات وحزت على إعجابها
أنا: حسنا، حسنا. قلتها وأنا مسلمة أمري إلى الله، فهذه كما يقولون، هي طريقة الزواج التقليدي هنا

تمت الرحلة إلى المطعم بحمد الله، وبعد مرور أسبوع، هاتفتني قائلة: انك لست على المطلوب

مذكرات عانس 2

Monday, January 10, 2005

الجو جميل

الجو بديع، لا يصلح للدوام بل للقبوع بالمنزل والنوم بسريري الفاخر الإسفنجي الطري تحت دفء البطانية وطراوة المخدة، أنام وأنام حتى اشبع فالغيوم والظلام لا تساعدني على الاستيقاظ في الصباح الباكر

أريد أن أتمشى بالسيارة، أتناول فطوري في احد المطاعم على شارع الخليج، استمتع بالجو الجميل واستنشق عبق المطر، وأتدفى بشرب حليب الشوكولاته، وبعد ملء معدتي بالأكل وناظري بالمناظر الجميلة، سماء، وبحر،و نخلة، التقط كامرتي الديجيتال وأصور ما حولي، استمتع بكل لحظة وأؤرخها بصورة، فالجو الجميل هنا لا يأتي إلا خلال فترة قصيرة بالسنة

ربما يتوجب علي أن اطلب إجازة من المدير، لم انتظر حتى فصل الصيف الحار وأسافر، لم لا أسافر في ديرتي وبين أحبائي. ياااااه أشعر بالرومانسية فاني لست متعودة على هذا الأسلوب وهذا الغزل بالطبيعة والأحباب، اشعر بالخجل من نفسي سأؤرخ هذا الموضوع قبل أن أغير رأيي

تعديلات مضحكة من تصحيح برنامج وورد للأخطاء الإملائية واجهتني عند طباعة هذا الموضوع

كامرتي= كإمرتي
ديرتي= مديرتي، واااي وراي وراي، اشتبين لاحقتني هني بعد
اشتبين= استبين، هاهاها، أنا مابي شيء، إنتا سنو يبي

عندما أكتب باللغة الإنجليزية، تأتيني كلمات وأفكار باللغة العربية، والعكس صحيح، اتمنا التفوق بإحدى اللغتين

My blog timing is wrong. What timing should I choose? I don't see Kuwait listed there!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Embarrassing Moments

1. I was talking to my male colleague and he wasn’t looking in to my eyes. A thing I hate because it shows lack of concentration and respect. He takes a glimpse and then moves his eyes away. How rude! I looked at myself in my tiny mirror hidden between my stack of papers only to find a piece of “simsim” stuck in my lipstick at the edge of my lower lip. Since that day, I’ve been checking my looks on a bigger mirror positioned next to my pc screen.

2. I was shopping. I tried a blouse in a shop then moved to another. Only to be greeted with the Lebanese cute salesperson saying “moo minshani, bas minshan el 3alaam, ezrarik maftoo7”. For the first time in my life I felt “el arth eb tibla3ni”. Thank God he was polite.

3. A similar situation happened when shopping but this time it was a lady. She pointed at my skirt and told me that my side zipper was open. Thank God there was a button on top of the zipper.

4. I was resting in my office when a hateful colleague came asking for a document. I leaned to the side to get it for her, only to find myself on the ground. The chair couldn’t hold my side weight. What made the situation worse is that she stood frozen there without a single word or a hand. So I hated her more. My waist hurts whenever I remember this. But I guess I deserve what happened cause till this day “I promised myself not to mention this story but here I am doing it” I remember going to the head master of the school with my sister and aunt. He greeted us and fell on the floor thinking there was a chair behind him. I kept laughing and telling this story to whomever I met. So, now I believe that what goes around, comes around.

This is what came to my mind right now. But there are embarrassing situations that happened to friends like:

1. She was talking in a meeting in a room full of people and her friend was pointing at her mouth all the time she was talking. She had no idea what her friend meant. Only to know after the meeting that she had “taboola” stuck in her front teeth.

Never eat taboola without brushing your teeth afterwards!

2. She was walking in open air when it was windy. Hijab had fallen, head is covered with am6a only. I’ve seen that and it looks ugly. So, never wear am6a and hijab without the use of a pin or a sticker.

Note: I would like to thank Microsoft Office for inventing word spell check. Thank you! Thank you, Thank you!

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Sitting in my office
Resting my forehead on my little magnetic teddy bear over my large dictionary
Didn’t have enough sleep last night
Star academy finished late
The results were very unfair
Had so many things going through my mind
Friends and family issues, love, marriage and work
I feel so stressed
I slept tight but woke up with a headache
Oh my God, they are here
Mali khilg mojamalat ejtima3iyya
Mali khilg smile when I don’t feel like it
Mali khilg act like a friend, when they are not

Friday, January 07, 2005

jewelry expo

Re7t ma3rath el thahab. Gilt yemkin yemmmmkin alagi khatam eb 200 KD 3ashan 3ogob 20 years arawi khatimi 7ag e3yali wa7fadi wagoolehom hatha el khatam hadiyya min baba jabir. Bas lel asaf maligait shay 7ilo eb hal qeema. Bas eli 3ajjabni, enna how come they make 50% sale on Gold? 3ayal cham rab7een without sale?!

3ajabni wa7id bil dawam awwal ma enzalat el 200 ra7 seeda e7awwilhom to his KG daughters accounts. While in the meantime another colleague was complaining about her relative who was taking all the money for himself.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I Got Conscience

I came to work at 9.30 today after having BF (break fast that is) with my friend. As I walked along the long corridor, I was thinking of how conscienceless I am coming late. To my surprise, the department was empty! Only 5 or 6 employees were there. Where in the hell are they? Why did I eat fast? Why didn’t I continue my chat with my best friend whom I haven’t seen in 2 weeks? And why didn’t I leave again to join her shopping? cause I have conscience. I want to enjoy fast internet connection at work.

Whenever my boss gets a sick leave, the rest of the department disappears. I don’t know why I’m always the last one to know. If I knew, I would be shopping at Salhiya with my friend right now.

I guess things happen for a reason. I just got a phone call from my colleague who’s really depressed wanting to celebrate her birthday when no ones around. She was excited that she found me. So I am of use now. And I will be getting a cake as soon as her order arrives, yummy. Another good reason for being here is that another colleague came to me desperately looking for contact lenses solution. I’ve been through that, so when you need a solution, you’ve got to find one. So super me was there to help although my solution is one year old; but I warned him and did what I had to do. Reason number 3 is being there for the 6abakh whom I mentioned in my previous post. Being accused of 150 fils robbery isn’t something easy.

Kisar kha6ri el 6abakh

He came to me complaining about our boss stating “he is mushkil”. He says that whenever he forgets to wear his bow tie, boss asks about it although he’s not the one responsible for the kitchen staff.

Today, boss ordered a 100 fils sandwich from the cafeteria and gave the 6abakh 250 fils. The 6abakh gave him the sandwich along with the 150 fils remained. Later on, boss called him enquiring about the remaining 150 fils!
6abakh understood the situation knowing that we, Kuwaitis, think Bangladeshis are thieves.
I was speechless.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Daily Resolutions

Everybody’s writing about new year’s resolutions. To me, a year changing makes no difference. I think of hours that go by un-noticed. Days spent without any real achievements, as well as weeks, months, and yes, years.
Every day I try to be a better person. If nothing is achieved today, I think of tomorrow. If an extra hour spent in bed (mitsharqida o mitmarqida mithil el maida) I feel guilty and try to consume my time in a useful thing like reading one of my books resting on my shelves for years waiting for my hand touch. Or one of my untouched magazines with old events, and out dated beauty and make up tips. I think daily of tidying my room, throwing old receipts, bank statements, organizing tens of tiny papers hidden here and there to makeup a complete diary. I think of giving away stored clothes that I kept for years, and by years, I mean since school days. Why? Because when size doesn’t change why throw them? And if size changes to bigger, I can always diet and become smaller. I got many items waiting to be worn on hope that I’d loose 7 kilos.
I have a club subscription that I don’t make use of. I have movies that I haven’t seen. I have emails that I haven’t read. Shower jells unused. Bath bubbles still sealed. There are so many things that I think of doing daily. But hours go by, days go by, weeks, months, and years un-noticed.

Many people celebrated new year; I haven’t. Not just because of the above-mentioned ideas, but also because of the tsunami. I wasn’t only grieving on the victims and their families, but also on the increasing signs of the judgment day. I am not ready; I want to be ready. I guess this could be a new year’s resolution.