Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Day in Heaven

Full moon.. silky reflection on water

I went to chalet on Thursday night. The whether was perfect. It wasn't too cold, not too hot, a bit humid maybe but turned cool at night. While resting on the beach, big round full moon appeared in the sky out of no where. It was beautiful. And it's reflection over the calm sea was even more beautiful. It looked just like silk. One thing that ruined the setting was a car driving along the beach. Where I and the kids had to stay backwards each time it passed.
Late at night, I had a girly chat with my cousins about men right after watching Fawziya Durea's program. I announced my wish to marry a Muslim American. It is an old wish that I keep repeating whenever I get pissed off from stories I hear about Kuwaiti men. I wish for an American in particular because I know that when they convert to Islam they become more Muslims than us in mind and heart and I've seen many good examples. So since I am in Kuwait, my choice would be an American from the marines. My sister didn't like the idea and said that a lady who's married to one was complaining that they are rigid and stiff because of the harsh work life they lead.

too tired to walk on your feet?

The next morning, which is today Friday the whether was much more pleasant as the sun was blinded by passing clouds. It was my first day since last summer that I took a dip. But just before that, I was sitting inside having breakfast as two gorgeous bodies I mean guys were walking down the beach. To let you get a close picture one was Tom cruise look a like but more masculine and the other was young Tom Silik. I jumped out of my place and took the binoculars that were resting (ahem) very close to the window. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. Not only they were stunning but also were wearing black bikinis. Where the hell did they come from? Oh my God. I just prayed Friday prayer (yes I woke up late and had breakfast at lunch time), and I just had my wish last night, and here they are right in front of our chalet. I jumped and I yelled and I laughed with glee. "Sis come here take a look". "Yuck" is all what she said. Well you know, she is one of those who over look great bodies and concentrate on illegitimate material. "Yuck they are wearing bikinis!" Oh well never mind her. They are mine. They are mine. They are my dream come true; Two beautiful creatures at once, Yeeha.

It was time to go swimming. I swam and swam till everyone was gone and I was all alone struggling with water as it was high tide and I am not a good swimmer. So as I was practicing I glanced them coming back. So what was I to do except keep swimming and looking through my sun glasses. You know how they can become handy at times. Not indoors of course like what some people do. Anyway, so as they came closer and closer, and as there was no one swimming except me! As they approached both of them were excited and looking at me then they ran to my uncles chalet (he wasn't there and the shutters were closed) that I was swimming in front of. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD am I dreaming or what? Is this really happening? I'm not wearing my medical glasses and the sun glasses I was wearing were unclear because of water drops. My eyes were burning out of salty water but nevertheless, it was real. Yes they sat there on the balcony! They had the courage to sit and lie there! At my uncles chalet! WOW! Ok, my alarm was on. What if my family saw me? I know I did nothing! I know I didn't invite them! I know I had nothing to do with it but somehow my last night's wish and my binoculars bay/guy watch made me feel guilty.

Maybe they heard me! Yes they did! This has never happened before! Why now? Why today? Yes, I surely had something to do with it. What would I tell my family? The scenario began running through my head. "Yes, I was just swimming and they passed by. They were tired so they wanted to rest". They would say "why here? Why when you're the only one swimming?". Then I'd say "maybe because I am the only girl they could watch swimming since all the rest of the girls are on their jet skies!" ok maybe this would come to my benefit and convince them to be less over protective and let me ride a jet ski.

Now back to the guys. They kept watching me. I felt like a swimmer showing off. I know I was just practicing and I was ashamed of the way I swam but if I stopped they would know I was being shy. And then I would do nothing except bathing alone.

My aunt came out of chalet and went towards my uncle's. OH MY GOD. I know her type. She says everything that's on her mind. What would she tell them? Please don't please don't, I pleaded while watching her pass them. Thank God she said nothing! Why did she pass there? I don't know! Maybe she liked them too?

They stayed for too long. I waited and waited for them to leave but they did not! No one was ever interested in me that much before. Tom cruise look alike I'm talking about here! I didn't want to stay too much in the sun although it was cloudy but I wanted to save my skin color. Now It was time for me to leave, sorry guys but I really have to leave, could you please turn your heads and NOT watch my tent? (my swim suit). I did not want to ruin the mind picture they had! Not a tent! No! The tent that everyone made fun of even our maids! My beauty I had to rescue, my skin I had to preserve from aging. So there I stood up and walked with courage. You know how women walk on bay watch? I did too, only wearing a tent. Well they are in Kuwait and they should expect that right? No way were they admiring me all that time without knowing I had a tent hiding beneath the water. I'm sure it showed from my strong swimming arms.

Now why when I just stood up and wanted to leave something made me stay? I couldn't leave destiny without making one. So I sat on the sand with my foot on the water. I didn't know that strong waves would practically hit me and move my body in a way I wouldn't want them to see. So as I was struggling with those waves and trying to sit still, I heard a loud voice saying something like woha yeeha, you know something like that. What? Are they applauding for me? They must be! Because I just sat on the beach! So as I turned my face towards them, they were both running to the water and swam like pros and vanished away. Yes they swam like pros, and I was the ugly duckling striving for her breath as I was playing a scene.

They really vanished in the sea. I couldn't see them walking by the beach, nor in the sea. They were either mad pros or angels sent from heaven to make my day then disappear!

I walked along the beach barefoot, scrubbed my foot and hand with sand. Then went to the back area of the chalet and lay under the sun rays coming out from between the clouds. I saw care bears and balloons. It felt so cool as water was evaporating from my tent. It was relaxing too.

Cloudy and cooooool sun

When I saw my sisters I asked them if they witnessed anything and to my shock they did not. They have seen nothing. I felt relieved that I had no explanation to tell as no one saw or knew anything. But this heavenly day; was it real? Were they real? Or were they just angels sent from heaven to make my day? Whatever they were, who ever they were, I send them my thanks. And please if you two happen to stumble upon my blog, give me a call (email me that is). Well I just want a pinch to know you guys were real.

I never enjoyed Kuwait like I did today. I love Kuwait.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

مذكرات عانس 2 الجزء الأخير

وفجأة طلبت مني أن أنظر جيدا إلى الرجلان اللذان مرا من خلفها واللذان بدا بعيدان كل البعد عن الصورة التي
رسمتها في مخيلتي
شكت أن يكون هو واحد منهما ولكني أعلنت لحظتها وبكل حزم بعدم تقبلي له وعن عدم احتمال أن يكون هو، على الرغم من جلوسه بالطاولة القريبة مني وباتجاهي ، على عكس المشتبه به الأول ذو الرائحة الزكية
لا، أعلنت بنفسي بأنه ليس هو ولا أريد أن يكون هو
مرت الدقائق وبقينا مدة زادت عن الساعة، أكلت المقبلات، الموالح، الحلويات، وشربت القهوة والعصير، بمعنى أني أديت جميع طقوس الإفطار دون أن أعلم وقتها أي واحد كان
إن كان جالس أم مجرد يتفرج من بعيد
إن كان ذو العطر الفواح أم الذي لم أتقبله
اسمعي يا مرافقتي
هل لك أن تصدقي شعوري بأنه مازال نائما
لم لم تتواعدوا على الغداء
شاب يقوم من نومه يوم عطلته ليذهب ويقابل فتاة لا يعرفها، فقط مرشحه من قبل أهله، في أحد المطاعم، لم
أعدت هذه الإسطوانة عدة مرات عليها ولكن في كل مرة كانت تطمئنني بأن قريبته قد أكدت لها بأنه قد خرج من منزله
ربما شاهدني من بعيد ولم أعجبه، مثلما لم يعجبني الذي جلس أمامي، فهرب
لا أريد حتى التفكير بهذا الإحتمال، فمجاملة صغيرة بجلوسه ولو لشرب قهوة ومن ثم إعلان رفضه سيكون أهون بكثير
طال الجلوس فقررت مرافقتي الرحيل
رجعت لبيتي بخفي لو نوتر وكأنه لم يحدث شيء
تصرفت أمي بعدم المبالاة، متمنية عدم حدوث شيء بسبب عدم رغبتها بالخطيب المنتظر لسبب أراه غير مقنع، فأنا شخص لا أعتمد على قبضة القلب بدون سبب واضح مقنع
لم نتبادل الحديث، كل ماقلته لها بأني لا أعلم مالذي حدث غير أنني استمتعت بإفطار شهي
بعد ساعة، تلقيت رسالة بالهاتف من مرافقتي تقول
المعذرة، فحدسك كان صحيح، فهو لم يحضر، فقد كان نائم
كيف لي أن أعتذر منك، سامحيني
وبعد ساعة أخرى، إتصلت تحدثني وهي محرجة
تقول بأنها لم تتوقف عن لوم أهله حين أكدوا مغادرة ابنهم المنزل، وقالت بأن أهله ظلوا يعتذرون، فهم لم يتوقعوا بأن إبنهم قد يطوف الموعد وينام
لقد كان إفطارا شهيا، متى سنفطر معا مره أخرى
لم أرجع فقط بخفي لو نوتر، بل أيضا بنصيبي من الفاتورة

Friday, May 20, 2005

مذكرات عانس 2 الجزء الثالث

لقد تغير.. قالتها وهي معجبة به لدرجة أني شعرت بالفخر لأنه سيصبح لي وببعض الغيرة كونها قريبة مني، فقد كانت تبدو منبهرة أكثر مني
هل يمكن لشخص أن يصبح جذاب بهذه السرعة، فهي لم تره منذ بضعة أشهر فقط

جلس بطاولة قريبة منا، وبوضع يجعلها تراقبه ويراقبها، أما انا فلا
يا إلاهي، هل هو معجب بها أيضا
ولكنه حين مر بيننا كان يطالعتي أنا
مضت الدقائق وكأنها ساعات إلى أن قالت لي فجأة وباستغراب:
أنظري لقد جاء رجل وامرأة وجلسا معه
أنا: ربما لكي يتخفى عني لكي لا أعرفه في حال لم أعجبه، نطقت بها وأنا أشعر بقليل من الغيرة من المرأة بجانبه، إمرأة ترافقه من أول يوم لقاء عابر بيننا، صحيح أنها كانت برفقة رجل ولكن لم أجد ما يثبت بأنه زوجها

وفي وسط هذه التحليلات أعلنت مرافقتي فجأة بأنها قد اتصلت بقريبته التي أكدت بأنه قد غادر دون رفقة أحد ودون إعلانه بنية لقاء أحد

بدء الإحباط يتسرب في قلبي، بعد كل هذا تشكين بأنه هو

بدأت أعيننا تناظر الناس من حولنا مرة أخرى لعلنا نجده جالس، أو مار دون جلوس من هنا أو هناك
أحسست ببعض الإحباط الذي قد تسرب فيها أيضا

مذكرات عانس 2 الجزء الأخير

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

مذكرات عانس 2 الجزء الثاني

و صلنا بالموعد المحدد وبدأنابتناول الوليمة
طول الوقت كانت عيناها تراقب الناس من حولنا علها تجده، ولكنهالم تجده
اتصلت بأهل الولد حتى تطمئن ولكنهم أكدوا لها بأنه قد خرج، فتغلق الهاتف وهي سعيدة متأملة، وتبدء المراقبة من جديد
هي تقول: أظن بأنه ذاك
فأنزل بصري وتتجمد حركتي وأصغر لقمتي
هي: لا لقد غادر المكان
فأرتاح وأبدأ الأكل من جديد
وبعد مدة: إنه ذاك
فأتجمد مره أخرى ، وأنظف يدي تارة عله يكون جريء ويجيء ليسلم علي
وأنظف فمي تارة أخرى
ويتكرر الأمر مع كل واحد تشبه عليه
حتى بالنهاية جاء ذلك الرجل المنتظر
ياه أحببته من أول نظرة وأظنه أحبني أيضا
طوله، عرضه، لونه، ملامحه، رائحته التي خدرتني وأنستني طبق الأجبان الذي أمامي
نظرته الجريئة التي غمرتني بجاذبيتها
لم لم تقولي لي بأن هذه أوصافه، لو أنك قد قلتي لي لما ترددت حين سألتني
هي منبهره بمظهره وجاذبيته والأكثر من هذا نظراته الجريئة لي

Saturday, May 14, 2005

مذكرات عانس 2 الجزء الأول

أقنعتني برؤيته، أغرتني بشخصيته، لطالما مدحته لي على الرغم من رفض أهلي له
كلمتني ذلك اليوم وهي سعيدة بطلب أهله لرؤيته لي، فهو فارس أحلامي، أقصد فارس أحلامها الذي تعتقد بأنه يصلح لي
انقبض قلبي وتحركت مصاريني، ولكن قلت مالمانع، فإني بكل الأحوال خارجة معها لتناول وجبة الإفطار حينها سيأتي فارس أحلامها ويراني خلسة
وضعت المسألة في كفي الميزان، سأجني زوج إن رآني وأعجبته
سأجني بوفيه فاخر إن رآني ولم أعجبه
وافقت، فالمسألة بدت سهلة وفيها كسب في كلتا الحالتين
كان في يوم إجازتي الذي عادة ما أقوم من النوم إلا ظهرا، ولكني استيقظت مبكرة ذاك اليوم حرصا على الموعد وبالأحرى خوفا منها فقد كانت شديدة الحرص على الحضور بالموعد لكي لا نأخره
فهي تعلم تمام العلم بأني حين تأخرت على المتقدم الذي سبقه والذي كان ينتظرني على العشاء قد فر بسبب تأخري ولا مبالاتي حين فضلت المزيد من التسوق وتأخير العشاء، حتى وإن وصلت إلى المطعم وأكلت بكل حياء ورزانة، علمت بعدها ببضعة أيام بأنه لم يصمد حتى قدومي وذهب
لم تكن تريد إعادة الكرة
وربما لم أرد أنا ذلك

مذكرات عانس 1

Friday, May 13, 2005

Mommy Doesn't Love Me

Mommy doesn’t hug me
Mommy doesn’t miss me
Mommy doesn’t love me
Mommy doesn’t miss me

She shouts and screams;
To make me tidy my sheets
She becomes mad;
When I play with our neighbor lad

She slaps my face,
When she finds us race;
No tomboy I want to raise

Tidy your room
Hide your dollies
And dress;
My friends I want to impress

Smile and don’t giggle
Walk in grace and don’t wiggle
A daughter she wants perfect;
My soul is corrupted

I plead you my cyber mommy;
Your love,
Your tender touch;
Would definitely make me jolly

Mommy doesn’t hug me
Mommy doesn’t miss me
Mommy doesn’t love me
Mommy doesn’t miss me


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Want These Two Hands NOW!

and this ring too

When Polite Is Impolite

When polite is impolite

It is impolite to stand on the door way inviting your friend to pass through the door before you, and your friend tries to be polite and invite you instead. And then you both keep inviting each other when there's a whole crowd waiting behind your back to pass through!
(Be selfish)

In the street
It is impolite to keep talking to your friend through the car window when the traffic light turns green.
(Use your mobile)

In the Toilet
It is impolite to say your hellos to someone you know when that someone is about to close the toilet cabinet door.
(Have some empathy)

When impolite is impolite

In the parking lot
It is impolite to hit a car without leaving a sorry note, or a check. (Feel guilty)

In the Street
It is impolite to sing "al burtuqalah" to someone wearing the color orange.
(It's old!)

Note: I was looking at keyword analysis in my stats and found the word 7mara! I know I wrote it in one of my posts but I sure didn't expect poeple to look for it. So, I checked out the other listed links for this word and found this Lebanese/English Dictionary!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Withered Rose

It was a nice wedding. Well just like other weddings. Sitting on a chair with a crouched back watching the beauties on the dance floor. Feeling sorry for the bride watching her sitting in her kosha trying to enjoy herself. I tasting all different kinds of offered chocolates and sweets, drinking Arabic coffee one cup after another to avoid sleeping out of boredom waiting impatiently for the buffet and trying to hide from people I know or perhaps, people who know me.

Relatives I haven't seen for ages. Kids who grew up to be attractive teens with makeup and high heels that make me look much younger than them (it is a good feeling actually but not when those little girls treat me as younger). Old women staring with their eyes wide open "wee esh7ilwich sayra, mankha6abtay?" (No! duh!!) Cousins want to meet and gather; the same record goes on and on without really meeting (thank God).

So as I escaped to the exit door, there stood an old relative of mine. She greeted me and picked up a flower from the bouquet presented there. She gave it to me saying "grab this flower; it will bring you a husband". Me, huh?! What the?! "But I don't want to get married" defensively uttered. (What happened to the bride throwing her bouquet backwards?)
"Take it! Just get engaged first and then leave the guy!" with a big wide grin. "Ah! Ok!" with a bigger grin.

Now as you can see, this flower has withered and no one has come. Was she lying? Was she kidding me? She gave me hope! How could she not grant me her wish (notice that it is her wish not mine).

I lay my piece of fortune on my desk. I look at it wither as the days pass by, and I wither along.

The End

- The lady gave the same flower and the same wish to all singles on their way out till the bouquet was left all green. I wonder if her wish came true to any of the girls.
- If you liked this post, wait for part two called "Dead Rose".

Friday, May 06, 2005

I Traveled To Fahaheel

Originally uploaded by flamingoliya.
I am jealous! All my life I felt pity for people living in Fahaheel especially at college when they travel all the way to get on time. They always got on time while I was the one who got kicked out of class.

So I went to Fahaheel. I went to Al Koot. It was my second time. And I am even more impressed. I love it there. Some shops that aren't available here, the different kinds of people, and it's lovely fountain.

Last time I went there only Costa was open but today there were different cafes. And they are all good. Even on my way back I found Breadtalk! They have everything there that they don't need to come to the city. Sigh, our co-op is still struggling with it's lousy pastries. Fatayir em7aisen anyone? :p
Even our samboosa guy sucks (yes MsBaker I am jealous of yours).

Best thing there (I promised not to tell and keep it for myself but I just can't) you can find your size! Whether for garments or shoes although the place is full of people! Even on sales when shops here are out of stocks, you can still find stocks there.

Ok I made enough of a da3aya. Yes I had dinner there but it was for take away. Wouldn't look good in a picture.

Oh Dusty Days

So it was a dusty gloomy day. Nothing to do, no where to go except to ..... where I was so hungry and ordered ....... which made me so thirsty that I drank .........
I was full but I couldn't help but share her with her ........... I finished my meal but something was missing. I had a headache so I drank .............. I couldn't drink it alone so I ordered ............... along. They should always be combined even if I was full. BUT then I was not only feeling sleepy but also FULL. So I drank .............. On our way home, I was hardly opening my eyes to drive, while she was lying beside me with her mouth wide open; half a sleep.

Rearrange the pics ;)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

blah blah blah

Originally uploaded by flamingoliya.
Due to my temporal mental malfunction. I have nothing to blog about except showing you this picture.

OK here are some silly questions, the one who wins is the one who answers them all right, though I don't know the answers for some. bas yalla have to get busy this weekend..

1. Where did I eat this?
2. Was it delicious?
3. What's the name of this cake?
4. Did I eat half of it? or all of it?
5. Did I spill ice-cream on my clothes?
6. How many calories does it contain?
7. Am I a good photographer?

Ok I think that's enough... have a goodnight.