Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Meeting

I had a business meeting at some place <<< extreme excitement.
When I first entered the building; I tripped <<< extreme embarrassment.
The cute guy turned out to be a very close relative to one of my co-worker-enemies << bummer.
The not so cute guy was the one who I caught looking at me <<< another bummer.
On my way out, my co-worker warned me to watch my step <<< I thought he forgot that I tripped.

Today’s resolution: to throw all my high heels.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

e hehe

Photo 52
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No More Bengali Dreams

What would you feel if you were married with a kid and an old lady comes and asks you:
”How come your baby is beautiful when you and your husband aren't?”

A punch in the face would do. Good thing I wasn’t around.


6abakh is leaving, his contract expired.
He told me:Flamingoliya, (enta lamma zawwaz, saaw telephone ana)
“Call me when you get married” and handed me his telephone number.
Meskeen, kasra kha6ra wayid *Gulp*


Many times colleagues joke about clients who turn out to be my family members. I enjoy seeing the shock on their face when I tell them who they are ;)

Monday, March 27, 2006

My Day

I had a bad day. Nothing unusual really, I'm used to bad days. In the morning a colleague sat beside me and started talking and talking and talking. She gave me a head ache. I can't take too much talk first thing in the morning especially before having my coffee. I ignored her by occupying myself with the computer but that didn't work. I just felt like screaming.

Had a religious discussion with another colleague and decided not discuss religion with anyone ever!

The talkative colleague came again with another friend and started talking and talking and talking about marriage. I had another discussion about marriage that I decided not to interfere with ever again either. Topics like settling down for someone who she doesn't think is perfect for her, incase no one asked her for marriage later on. Another topic like her family mocking her fiancé for his level of education or his family's social status when in reality the mocking family isn't any better. Lots and lots of topics that raised my blood pressure.

In the afternoon, I got rejected from a kind of group which really shocked me and made me depressed. I had shopping to do, a shop called me twice insisting that I come see their new collection. But when I went there I found none. The salesperson told me: " Sorry maam, we have another Flam, I got mixed". It was no time for me to forgive so she became the victim of today's frustration. Then I went to the next shop that belonged to the same company, I had a receipt and wanted to buy something. I saw a bag and I swear that all the time I was looking at it the salesperson would not stop saying:" It's very nice, nice model" tens of times even when I changed bags! I wanted to scream but instead I left the shop without buying anything to let her regret forcing me to buy the bag. Yes forcing, I think this company teaches it's sales persons how to insist and pressurize customers instead of selling.

That's when Broke called me, and saved me from an absolute heart attack. At home, I found out that the shoes I bought which were so comfortable at the shop, were so tight at home. Don't ask me why. Thank God this shop refunds. I don't want anymore receipts.

I have a head ache and I need to sleep.

Oh and one more thing, my sister keeps mocking my writing in this blog. So I tell her that it's just a blog and I can write whatever I want and that if I wrote any better, I would be publishing. I just miss the days when I wrote freely without anyone judging me. She doesn't like my language.

My cousin recently discovered my ID and she hasn't been herself since. Wonder why, maybe she's in shock?

They don't think that I look like what I write.

Have you seen the big THING that Meedas sells? It's in the ads everywhere. It looks like a big huggable bean bag in colorful shades. I need one right now.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Foziya Drei3 Tidbits

1. Caller: "My girlfriend cheats on me with my friend. I asked her why? She said because he gives me what you cannot give me. Dr. Foziya, I love her I want to marry her".
Dr.: "She's materialistic. Love sometimes fools you".

2. Caller: "Marrah marrah big".
Dr.: "This program is censored and family friendly".

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

My review on the film: SCARY


Is it real?! A real story?!
I know it says it's real, BUT IS IT?

How am I going to bed tonight? :(

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blog Awards

بتحبو مين؟
حبيبتكو مين؟


Ok, so I restrained myself from making a campaign..
But now since the time has come..
I am nominated for two awards..
Queen of the Blogosphere
Most Romantic Blog

So if you think I deserve any

An email from you to the bloggers in charge
To their inbox go barge
Flamingoliya is the queen of blogs at large



don't forget to vote for the Kuwait Single Girls Society
(Kuwaiti Cosmopolitan) for the best joint blog!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 21

الى أبي وأمي مع التحية

أغراضي مبعثره
أرففي مغبرة
غرفتي نتنة كالمقبرة

ملابسي محذوفة
أريكتي مدفونة
أحذية رخيصة بالية
وأخرى غالية بعلبها محفوظه

أنام حتى الزوال
لعملي أنطلق كالفرسان
وفي الفريج أسابق الصبيان

أنا لست كما أردت
فمن المطبخ أنفر
ومن النار أرتعد
وبمفهوم ربة البيت أكفر

لست بطباخة ماهرة مثلك
ولست بفاتنة للرجال كما كنت

ليس الرجال كأبي يا أمي
بشرة جافة كجلد ثعبان
جسم ممتلىء كجسم نعمان
هذا مكان وذاك زمان

زمن الصدق والوفاء والعمل الجاد قد زال
أسرح وأعوم في البراري والوديان
ولا أجد مكان
سوى حضنك الدفيان
وظل أبي المشبع بالحنان

الاهى لاتحرمني من هذا الجمال
فوحدي أكون كالجبان
وقودي هو اهتمامكم
وعسى الله أن يقدرني على رعايتكم

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It doesn't make any sense

How could a man admire a woman for years and asks her for marriage when he's never spoken to her?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dessert للمتزوجين فقط


I was shopping at the perfume store when this product caught my attention. It's a body spray that can be used for hair too. As we all know, regular perfumes cause white hair.
So as I was checking it out, the salesperson asked me: (to be read in Egyptian accent)
انتي متجوزه؟
انا: لا
She had a grin on her face with her eyes looking down. I waited for her to say something but she didn't. So I asked:
ليش يعني؟ اشعلاقة العطر بكوني متزوجه أو لا؟
All I had in mind was that the perfume could be seductive. But what makes it so special? I mean, aren't most perfumes supposed to be so? She paused, thinking of what to say, grinned again and said:
هو يعني اكس-سز-يوز-مي يعني
Her tone raised and said:
هو لل
I won't say it. You figure it out.
(I still can't figure out why she said it loudly since she was acting polite)
So I said:
صج؟ شلون؟ ما فيه كحول؟؟
هي: لا، دووئييه
(Taste it)
أنا: لا
هي: دوئيييه
She insisted
أنا: لا
هي: طب دوئيييييه
أنا: لا مابي
Pronounced firmly.
She showed me two different flavors. One was chocolate, and the other was vanilla and caramel. It's glittery too. I took the body/hair spray only and she kept convincing me to get the other (eatable) products like lotions.
No, thanks maam, I said. But that didn't matter. She wouldn't stop until I told her:
لما أتزوج، أييلكم
She grinned again.

I was wondering for long about the relationship between the spray and it's brand name desert. Is it for stinky people living in hot areas for example? It's made in the USA and it's not that hot there; till I realized that it's deSSert not DeSert.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006

At The Dentist

My last 3 dentist visits, 3 different doctors..

1. I had an operation and the suction machine stopped working. The dentist left me sinking in my fluids till he fixed it.

2. The dentist had finished working with my teeth and I was feeling dizzy waiting for him to pamper me and let the chair automatically rise.
The chair stopped working and I had to get up by myself. I leaned forward to gargle, and there was no water. The water tap stopped working too!
My dentist was totally stunned, and blamed my fortune.

3. I was watching my dentist carving my temporary tooth. My tooth fell down and the dentist asked me to stop looking at him!


People call me gubbisa. Why? Because when I go out, cars park behind my car although I always park in the right places. And when I’m at restaurants the waiter either brings me the wrong dish, or I find hair in my dish.

It’s always me!

Stupid Ringing Tune

Remember this lady? Wow, it's been a year.

Her current ringing tune is Right here waiting for Richard Marx. This song is one of my favorites and has a special place in my heart since it was the first english song I learned by heart during my first teenage years.

Anyway, NOW I started to hate it, and I don't want that! Whenever this tone plays AT WORK it means that her hubby is calling. Awwalan, khalisat el aghani for her to choose my fave?
Thaniyan, why would she use this particular song for her hubby? I mean she's not gonna "be right here waiting for" him!!!!

This is the kind of pathetic romance that I don't like :P
Maybe you'd say: entay shako feeha?
Well, ana akoo! She's my neighbor, we're not in good terms, and we don't speak, that's why.

Men In Disguise

I was out yesterday when I saw three girls who attracted my attention. I stared at them and found out that they were guys. Their clothes, makeup, walk, long hair, hair dye, hairdo, red jacket, fur, big breasts, handbags, everything in them was girly except of course their manly faces that can never be changed.
DAMN, they didn’t even have facial hair.

Dear Signature,

What do I do when I receive a letter that I have to reply to when It doesn't have a name; only a signature!!!!
It happens alot at work! and It's stupid. Imagine me calling him and asking: can you tell me your name please? or: Who are you?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


مسرحية كليله ودمنه لسليمان البسام في ميدان حولي اليوم
انا معجبه فيه وايد
تتوقعون يرضى اتصور معاه؟