Tuesday, December 26, 2006

1st Poem

Now that my other "Lipstick" caught me, I have no fear in presenting my first poem ever. I was a teenager and I wrote it during the Iraqi invasion.

أنا فلامنغوليا وبشبابي ما تهنيت
أنا فلامنغوليا حتى بيت ما بنيت
أنا فلامنغوليا حتى واحد ما تزوجيت
أنا فلامنغوليا حتى بالطو فرو ما شريت

أنا فلامنغوليا حتى كيكة شوكولاته ما سويت
أنا فلامنغوليا حتى روميو وجوليت ما قريت
أنا فلامنغوليا حتى وطني الكويت ما غنيت
أنا فلامنغوليا حتى قوزي ما كليت

أنا فلامنغوليا حتى وردة القرنفل ما شميت
أنا فلامنغوليا حق جورج بوش شكيت
ما عليك من السوفييت

يالله حرر الكويت


and Happy Blogversary to me

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Arabs are...

Dr. Fawziya Duree' interviewed a Kuwaiti woman last night on her weekly show. This woman had different relationships with non-arab men and she said that they "make me feel feminine".

What is wrong with arab men?

What is it in non-arab men that make women feel feminine?

What is it with arab men that make women feel less feminine?

Does this mean that I have to think of a non-arab man from now on?

Once upon a time, when I was 13 years of age in my Arabic language class, my very strict (I'm not going to mention her nationality here so that I don't get racist) teacher was talking about arabs proudly. She began a sentence with (Arabs are ....) and just before she uttered the next word I blurted out loud (Jarab; meaning rats; which is a common saying amongst us). I don't want to say what happened next.... but it was one of my darkest childhood days that I keep remembering whenever the word Arab is mentioned. Ok, now where's my teddy bear, I need a hug.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


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كنت أتمشى في لاندمارك أتطمش على الألعاب وأحس وحده اتخزني خز

اطلعت فوللوو ... خرعتني