Monday, August 21, 2006

Jewaira tegool

Why can't it be ok for a woman to propose ? :)


MBH said...

Shme3na Khadeja? (ra'6ya Allah 3anha)

Yalla, I'm waiting; I take proposals by e-mail, fax, phone, telex, telegram, cheques, cash & personal.
Make sure you bring at least 3 referal letters and a certificate of experience (I demand no experience!)

Seriously though, I think the idea of romance cut its way through traditions & customs.
Perhaps it ruines the image of a woman's shyness (7aya') ?

Flamingoliya said...

LOL I was just thinking YA7LEELA when I read the first part,, was about to send my resume too :p but hawwant in the end. SO TYPICAL! :P hehe :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Wallah ana ilyom ga3da afakir ib nafs ilshay & was planning to write a post about it.

Y3ny why is it that when a guy sees a girl he likes, he approaches her in all the numerous ways possible & when we girls c a guy we like we just have to wait & look pretty chood y7is!

Why do we have to be 'picked' or 'chosen'?
Why don't we do the 'picking' & choosing?!


3baid said...

Pick someone, ask them to propose to you and they can accept or decline your request. It goes both ways :P

Purgatory said...

What is wrong with you people and this marriage topic that goes around!

Anonymous said...

If I see/hear the M word again for the billionth time this week, I will really go insane.

I've had a woman propose to me, I refused her. She was a nut like many others in this country. :P

*dodges the rocks*

Shurouq said...

Err.. coz no man is worth proposing to??

It is ok.. Wallah. I asked.

Morning, Flamingoliya :*

phoenix said...

It's not, not ok for women to prupose, some do but, it's just tradition for men to prupose!

Flamingoliya said...

you did the elaboration part,thanks! hehe

haven't thought of it this way! :P

I am the inventor of the marriage topic.. dunno about the others :p

MiniR (couldn't find the R you're using where is it on the keyboard?)
what's wrong with you and purg, what blogs are you talking about? please refer me to them.. really I haven't seen any this week!

I'm not gonna discuss the NUTS in this country :P but I really wanna know what you felt when she proposed. this would serve my post well.. will you? :)

Shurouq, morning to you :***

SA7! or in better words, the ones who are worth it are ALREADY TAKEN.

you did? now I'm curious!!!

I don't believen in traditions.

ZinZinQ8 said...

I've heard that in some cases religious people (mitdayneen) do that in the sense that the father of the girl would tell a younger man he knows "why dont you marry my daughter?". I personally don't think it's a bad thing, I just don't see myself ever EVER doing it but if a girl does it, all power to her, go for it.

MBH said...

Typical? What's typical?

Armani.Lab said...

They do propose..indirectly ;)

Jewaira said...

Purgatory & MiniR
شكلكم بطيحون طيحه سنعة هالسنة و راح تييكم بنت الحلال تخطبكم قولوا جويره ما قالت

Women have their ways of ensnaring suitable men when they are available. As for the good ones already been taken - well, الشرع حلل أربع زوجات - so no problem there :P

Flamingoliya said...

It happens... It is halal... But not many are willing to do it. You said you'd never do it. There must be reasons for that. Like a woman's dignity perhaps? or men not appreciating the whole thing since they like being the hunter. Care to share your reasons?

the idea that it ruin's the shyness image.

yeah, the thing is not all women have twisted ways :P

you really made me laugh!! :D

MBH said...

Oh well, if that's what you mean by typical... I was only refering to this verse in The Holy Quran:
( فجائته إحداهما تمشي على استحياء قالت ان ابي يدعوك ليجزيك اجر ما سقيت لنا ..) القصص الاية 25

I'm not much familiar with historical stories in which women have proposed to men, other than our Prophet's. Are you?

ZinZinQ8 said...

I think that a guy may take a girl for granted even if he does marry her if she was that easy to get to. I mean her asking him...doesnt get any easier than that. And of course the dignity thing...personally I would never risk it.

MBH said...

Why not think of it this way :: "Hey you!" (in a demanding voice) "you look sexy; Let's hook up"
Or, in the words of Austin Powers, "Shag me, baby!" (LOL)

Doesn't that give the girl/woman some extra, ummm, power?
(I'm not being totally funny, but I hope you see my point there)

Anonymous said...


1- You won't find the Я anywhere. ;)

2- Too many people are writing stories of marriage or just griping about marriage. :/

3- Well my initial reaction when she asked, "How about if we get married?" I just laughed...then when mom later told me that some girl called and asked for my 'hand in marriage'...I stared then REALLY laughed men galb!
I called her & told her if she's serious! I took it as a harmless joke, turned out she needed not a wedding gown...but a straitjacket.

Women :/

Vivacious said...

A woman gets down on her knees for a man? I don't think so.

1001 Nights said...
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1001 Nights said...
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ZinZinQ8 said...

mbh Sorry I actually have very little idea what your point is and in answer to your question hell no being easy doesnt give her any power. (It gives the guy a hell of a lot power though.)

Papillona ® said...

let me tell you a story
He loved her as much as she loved him, She proposed
he freaked out
nobody got married
and they lived happily ever after

it's not a bad idea
بس اذا أكو أحد كفو
why not propose?

بس عندنا الريّال اهو إللّي يدفع المهر
تخيلي شكلي وانا أتقدم حق واحد عشان يتزوجني! يعني عرض كلش مو مغري
لا و اهو إللّي بيدفع المهر بعد؟؟ خوش

MBH said...

I know what you mean here...

As for a woman asking .. well, it does turn me on.. but I don't really know how I'd react to it if it was a proposal.
None of those who are pro-women-proposing have proposed yet, and I'm still waiting.
I'll let you know how it goes ;p

NuNu™ said...

WAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! That's what I ALWAYS wonder about =/

3abeer said...

A woman proposing?

so instead of getting on one knee like men do, a woman should come up with a new move to hint proposing. Maybe something like, twirling towards him then stopping, bowing a couple of times, standing up straight with her head high and then saying:

"Will you be my ....Husband?" !!!

is society willing to accept this shift?

The Stallion said...

The lady should have all the right to propose! If she thinks she's has found the right guy she should ask him or at least open the subject with him! He might want to proposed to her but doesn't know how to do it or he might be too affraid of rejection!

If a lady I love proposed to me I would only love her more cause she showed me that she was serious and that she has the initiative to be a strong independant woman who knows what she wants!

Anonymous said...

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Spontaneousnessity said...

oho mabda' il proposing asasan 3endena fashel, hal mara tabeen girls propose?! sorry, it works bs mo eb mojtama3na, so I would do it bs no a nonarab who is kado sharing lives.