Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Do We Have in Common?

What makes us hooked to blogging?
I remember the first time I started reading I liked it and kept reading till I created my own blog and started commenting.

I introduced blog world to some friends, but it didn't attract them at all. I tried some seduction techniques like this is flan and this is flana, people they already knew in real but all they said was "oh.. sij? OK!".

So why does it appeal to some, and not others?
Why does it appeal to US, and not them?
What do WE have in common?

One trait I know for sure is curiosity about other people's lives; especially when you know who the blogger is.

Now I realized that a "blogger community" means something. We are not just a bunch of people ranting, or reading.

We have communities within this community. You usually find the same gang visiting the same blogs, even when a new blog is discovered of the same interest, the same group goes there too. I keep finding new bloggers hanging around new blogs; communities growing within the same community.

Bloggers are divided in to:

1. The hard working type:
They blog, then comment around, they reply to all comments received.

2. The lazy type:
They blog, mostly ranting, too tired to reply to all comments, they either ignore all or reply to all .

3. The serious type:
They blog to educate. They reply to comments they find beneficial.

4. The "face off":
All they care about is being popular. They show that they care whether they mean it or not. I don't know where it gets them in the end or whether it ever satisfies their egos.

5: The witty type:
All what they do is to type one word and that's it. You see people floating in their blog. They are the most loved and adored. They don't try too hard. They are just "themselves". You learn alot not just from their one word posts but also from their comments. They are the most favorable.

6. The social type:
They blog to communicate with people. Blog things of interest thinking of what people would like to read and comment at rather than what they want to tell. They make friends.

7. The boring type:
They blog for themselves a few times. They quit fast because there are not strings attached. No blogger friends to keep track of, and no comments to reply to.

8. The multi-purpose type:
This is the most common one. They start as the boring type. They discover other blogs so they become social. They become serious then work harder till they get tired and become the lazy type.

9. The garga (addicted) type:
They are blabber mouths who don't get satisfied by all the people they talk to in real so they come here and say it all over again. You can still find their repeated posts over and over again. They are unaware of what they are going through and hide it under the veil called "Theme".

10. The photographer wannabe:
They are people who take photos (mostly from their mobile phones) everywhere they go. So the pictures are mostly crappy. They blog like journalists. I saw this, I ate this, I found this. Their readers are the curious type. They stare at the pictures despite their low resolution just trying to find clues about who that person is like a strand of hair or the color of a nail polish.

11. The Model wannabe:
This one's applied to girls mostly. They don't have the courage to post their full pictures due to social restrictions. So they pose their nicely pedicured feet mostly wearing sexy high heels. They shoot their eye only, their belongings like a handbag.

12. This list is "waleed el la7tha" meaning that it's after midnight and that I just needed to blog. I'm no psycho analyzer and no sarcasm is intended. No bloggers are pinpointed. Don't ask me what kind of blogger you are, for I don't know who I am.

P.S. This post is dedicated to Miyafushi ;p

will proofread it tomorrow hopefully


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

where do I fit in this list?

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Sooooo true! I introduced blogging to a friend and she browsed through some blogs and then looked at me and said "So what makes these bloggers tick? Why would anyone want to expose himself/herself by describing every intimate thought in their head? I appreciate it..but I can never do it!".....I just had my mouth wide open saying.."I'm so sorry you don't get it!"...

As for which blogger I am..unfortunately..the closest one I could relate to was the "lazy blogger"....and I feel terrible about it!....but time really is the factor...answering to all comments or going to people's blogs and commenting is so time consuming...and sometimes...there's just no time!..:)

Loved the post...and I'm still waiting to get to know the real you babe!..:)

Judy Abbott said...

I liked how you see it, interesting even though i have a total different way to see it.

What i see in common between all us bloggers, that we are all trying to change something either within them selves of the community and blogging opened the window. Never the less, their personality kept pumping now and then into this electronic space no matter how they tried hide it.

missed you girl.

Purgatory said...

I am not a blogger, am purgatory

Delicately Realistic said...

Couldnt agree more! I found ur list quite accurate....and u definetly qualify as a # 5 bdoooon kalam :>

I think i know which one i am, but i dont think what i think counts :P hehehehe

(Wa akheeran a long post from u, its been ages)

Jewaira said...

Oooh I love your fascination with blogging! And I love analyzing the blogging phenomenon.

And your analysis is quite insightful ;)

MiYaFuSHi said...

Yaaaaaay! Loved the post!

Sij 3ad, I can pinpoint so many of them.

Now since this post was dedicated to me, can you tell me which one I am? Cause I certainly can't figure it out :)

don_veto said...

Nice list, I am trying to think which type I am, I could not recognize myself, I guess I am a little bit of each type.

Brava Valentia said...

yeah i second shopaholic how can i know where i fit in this list ??

mbarak 3leich ishahar flammy ;*

Fuzzy said...

the clueless type

A3sab said...

i loved this post. makes me wonder which one i am