Sunday, December 03, 2006

Arabs are...

Dr. Fawziya Duree' interviewed a Kuwaiti woman last night on her weekly show. This woman had different relationships with non-arab men and she said that they "make me feel feminine".

What is wrong with arab men?

What is it in non-arab men that make women feel feminine?

What is it with arab men that make women feel less feminine?

Does this mean that I have to think of a non-arab man from now on?

Once upon a time, when I was 13 years of age in my Arabic language class, my very strict (I'm not going to mention her nationality here so that I don't get racist) teacher was talking about arabs proudly. She began a sentence with (Arabs are ....) and just before she uttered the next word I blurted out loud (Jarab; meaning rats; which is a common saying amongst us). I don't want to say what happened next.... but it was one of my darkest childhood days that I keep remembering whenever the word Arab is mentioned. Ok, now where's my teddy bear, I need a hug.


Papillona ® said...

I saw that episode! Ya7lailha wallah ta3jibni sara7at'ha.

And to be honest Foziyya is a smart woman. She mentioned THAT on purpose so that we wont think the woman is a tomboy 3alabu bil jaish ow chithi..

And regarding dating non-arabs. Personally, I don't think I can be with someone who is not Kuwaiti (mu bes mu 3arabi, Kuwaiti!)

shasawi a7ib il chil7an ;p

Reema said...

Disagree with me all you want but in my personal opinion i think the lady was right majority and not all of Arab men don't know how to treat nor respect a woman, some actually enjoy degrading her with that stupid "I'm the man" attitude and that's a shame. I speak from personal experience having married to a Kuwaiti (distant relative) a few years ago in the traditional way was the most regrettable disgusting thing i ever did in my entire life! my pathetic marriage ended in 5 months! turned out the guy had serious issues that his family "neglected" to mention. I was glad when i got divorce (i even dance a little LOL) and now I'm happily married to an American guy (Hungarian origin converted to Islam 7 years ago) for 5 wonderful years and he treats me like a queen :) al7amdila God rewarded me after going through such a terrible experience. I'd encourage every woman who gave up on Arab men to marry outsiders, good ones that is ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmm .. we all used to say Arab are Jarab !! till now :P hehehe !! it's a common word in our family too :P

dad used to Creat jokes on arab and how do they think and act :P

Bas u know what .. el7amdillah ana moslema o0 bs :P !!


L.O.L !!!!!!!!!!!!!

no other comment :P`p

Cr8ivia said...

not all .. some .. maybe most of them ..

bas after all

can u imagine ur life with non-kuwaiti man? i doubt

Reema said...

Cr8ivia: can u imagine ur life with non-kuwaiti man? i doubt

Yes i can and it's fabulous ;)

3abeer said...

Arab men, I love their looks, not too keen on their mentalities.. so the closest thing to an Arab man looks are Italian men

*3abeer's new target--> an Italian Hunk*
*next trip: Italy*

[ f 2 o d.e.s.i.g.n.s] said...

I still have hope the existence of a real Arabic (Kuwaiti) gentleman , 3ad enshala I don't get disappointed someday

I agree with papillona " I don't think I can be with someone who is not Kuwaiti (mu bes mu 3arabi, Kuwaiti!)"


1001 Nights said...

I agree with papillona and cr8ivia. We can complain about Kuwaiti men all we want but we wouldn't want to share our lives with anyone else, and I'm speaking for almost every Kuwaiti girl I know here.

Making a girl feel feminine has a lot to do with whether the guy loves her or not. Take the most backward old school man in the country and see how fluffy-cotton-candy-sweet-as-pie he acts with woman he loves. And frankly it's the same with the girl. If she doesnt love the guy laish ita3ib nafs'ha 3ashana? She'll put on weight and not care about her appearance, etc.

Papillona ® said...

ليش من تجربة فاشلة تسوونها قاعدة وتطبقونها على الرجل العربي؟؟؟
ما يصير تعممون
نفس ما أكو عربي أو كويتي يخون, هم في أمريكي وفرنسي يخونون

And for the record: Men all around the world are almost the same. There are the good ones and the bad ones, just like us, women. We keep complaining about men and we fail to notice our own flaws.

It all depends on the man himself. Not his nationality, not where he was raised. Not even his religion.

Jewaira said...

Do you have a new blog or something? Why are you not posting here anymore?

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