Tuesday, August 19, 2008

qoozi mo gahwa

i went to Caribou at soug salmiya today and stood in line behind 3 sisters. it took them 10-15 mins to order a cup of coffee. they were discussing it like qoozi.. things like the amount of coffee, cream, and that the amount of ice should be equal to the lego (logo) level of the cup.
i usually leave when there's crowd, i didn't expect that 3 women would take such a long time ordering coffee!! 
in the end, and after the elder sister was done ordering, the middle sister told her to let me in so that i wouldn't wait for long!!!!!! after i was done, the middle sister not only took forever ordering her coffee, she also joined her 2 sisters watching and bossing around the lady at the corner preparing their coffee. i want this , i want that, i don't want this, i don't want that!!

el mohim, i was really surprised at their behaviour, and was interested in watching the whole scenario. 2 minutes after they sat on the table, the middle sister gave back her coffee to the waitress telling her :"i don't like it, 7aram, take it".!!!!

what!?! after all that!?!?!

so the waitress gave it to the cleaner guy who passed by the place.....

in the end, the waitress came to my table and apologized for not serving me well since those people took her time. she complained that they ordered many extras in their coffee and didn't want to pay the extra charge saying that they always do that at muhallab branch and pay the fixed price. so the waitress had to pay from her own pocket since she had already punched the extras.


ray said...

i would've just left. waiting isn't really my thing.

KTDP said...

meh ....... just one more reason why this country keeps going down hill.

Delicately Realistic said...

thats appalling !!!

3abeer said...


people tend to be picky about their coffee even in the US.. but this is just plain ridiculous !! they're trying out flavors and when they discovered it wasn't as good as they thought it would be..they decided to toss it !


Flamingoliya said...

i was about to, but it was my only option.


me nodds.

i've become more aware of myself when ordering :)