Friday, March 26, 2010


مشروع اخر من مشاريع الكويت الفاشلة. بدينا بسوق شرق والحين المنطقة الحرة. السيارة تستمتع بمنظر البحر وأنا استمتع بمنظر السيارة.
كل مطر وأنتم بخير.

I just wanna soak wet under the rain ;D

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3abeer said...

It's not raining anymore... now it's dusty!!

About the bad view..
I'm not sure why they're doing this, but guess what, there's a new building in Fintas, beautiful building, excellent finishing. great apartments, the whole building is on the seaside, the actual apartments are facing the highway and the stairway, emergency exits and the elevators are facing the beach !!!

how about that ??

I'm not sure why they're doing this, but it's becoming a trend in Kuwait to ignore our only source of nature and beauty simply to face cars!!! whether in parking lots or cruising on highways!!

محمد عشماوي said...

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وفقك الله