Monday, August 01, 2005

Movie Passion

I finally saw the movie "The Passion of the Christ". They should've mentioned next to 18, do not eat while watching. I was disappointed by the movie. Mel Gibson didn't succeed this time, as if I knew his other productions! Well all I saw was blood, more blood, and torture. I knew beforehand that it contained torture but I expected a story too. There was none. His mother was beautiful, and also his sister, I think? There was a lady and a boy with the mother so I figured they were his siblings. But what a strong mother she was. She didn't tear much.

There were parts like our version in Islam, and there were different others. If those were his siblings, was his mother married before or what? There was a man in black since the start of the movie that I thought was the angel of death but wearing black then I figured in the end of the movie that he might be Satan.
The torture was all heart breaking, but the most heart breaking of all was the time they nailed his hand. Was he tortured that much in our Islamic version? Cos I know that Allah saved our prophets from that kind of torture. I don't blame the Jews for getting upset at this movie, because there was no story at all, just torture.


samboose said...

I haven't seen the movie yet. But it's on my to-see list. I guess I was never in that particular mood.

I've heard that it's kinda gory and you just confirmed that to me.

Flamingoliya said...

It is gory. kint tawni mit3ashya and i saw it before i went to bed, perfect timing! :p
the word GORY reminded me of this website:
yeey! it's there, last time I checked it was blocked. I think they removed Diana!

Flamingoliya said...

oh and BTW samboose, you're nick makes me hungry every time I read it. I like samboosa.

samboose said...

Talk about bad timing to watch a movie like that...LOL!!!

Who doesn't like samboosa, especially the cheese kind yummmy!!!

Papillona ® said...

Flam, I loved that movie!
you know it was all in Hebrew and I know some Herbrew ;) it is VERY close to Arabic btw..

The torture and all the blood is in their book and because this is what they believe that he's been tortured to wash all his people's sins..

The lady isn't his sister.. you didn't find a story because this movie was made for those who know the story (Catholics).
yeahm so the lady is what we call it (zaneya) kanaw yarjimoonha.. untill he drew a line on the sand.. god forgives, there is a chance to everyone.. remember this scene?

Yes it was Satan, there is this guy yahoda I think, the backstabber, he's the one who told the roman about jesus's place, where he was hiding.. in return he got some money..

Jews were upset because the movie shows that all the torture was because of jews and it gives a very bad image about their religious people..

In Islam, they say that allah sawarlihom inna 3eesa bas ohwa elli wisha ib 3eesa ow jama3ta..

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Haven't seen the movie YET.

Sarah, how come you know Hebrew?

Spontaneousnessity said...

The movie was made to picture the last 12 hours of Jesus's life, which was the time they caught him till the time "as they believe" was brought sent back to life, so you had to know the story as they believe it in order to catch up, it's pretty similar to ours except a few details here and there.

Sarah said it all about the female sinner :) that girl "Monica Bellucci" was an adulteress who had to be stoned to death for sinning, she was saved by Jesus and ever since then she stayed with his mother.

that other creature in black is Satan and he gave me shivers!

Judas, is the betrayer as Sarah said, the Jewish leaders gave him money in order to tell on Jesus as they saw it was best to save the Jewish people from the Romans.

I loved how the part when Jesus was supposed to be dead and then a tear falls off the sky, very touching.

Spontaneousnessity said...

oh and in both Islam or Christianity, the Jewish people meant to torture Christ, so whether they tortured him or someone else God placed it's just awful to do that to anyone, they have been known for their awfulness.

shosho said...

There were parts in which the actors spoke in Hebrew, but in general the movie was in Aramic, an ancient language that is still spoken in parts of Syria. There was Latin ofcourse.

Yeah I recall I didn't have to rely on the subtitles to understand it :D

Purgatory said...

"I don't blame the Jews for getting upset at this movie, because there was no story at all, just torture. "

what do you want, a happy ending?

3baid said...

I wanted the movie to start by showing his miracles but it felt like it began at the ending :/

Temetwir said...

u do realize ena this isnt "christianity" as it was when naby allah 3eesa came..
that being said, the movie tells the story from the bible's point of view .. which was a recollection of the scholars (el asgifa) who sat down and basically "wrote" it .. lets not get into what they changed and what they didnt

so anyway, now that u watched the movie, u can disregard everything u "saw" if u want the "islam story of naby allah 3eesa"

the gist being, naby allah 3eesa wasnt "on Earth" when that happened .. and the whole father-son mardood 3alaiha bel qur'an

besmelah el ra7man elra7eem:
ما كان لله أن يتخذ من ولد سبحانه إذا قضى امرا فإنما يقول له كن فيكون

o salfat The Holy Trinity [which i dont think was mentioned in the movie], and whats basically what the contemporary christiamns believe in ham mardod 3laiha :

لقد كفر الذين قالوا ان الله ثالث ثلالثة وما من اله الا اله واحد وان لم ينتهوا عما يقولون ليمسن الذين كفروا منهم عذاب اليم

all that aside, the movie did have a story .. u just had to know it beforehand so i see what ur missing :)

NuNu™ said...

The man in black is satan?! I thought it was jibrael or something =/

The mother didn't tear much but I did!!! =(

Bloo said...

sara its aramic not hebrew.. but i am very impressed u know some hebrew.. cz i do too.

flamingoleya.. im sure u realise inna inti 7adich 3ateeja that ur talking about passion of christ.. belwaqt ba3d ba3d ba3d ba3d etha2e3 :) .. but i will forgive u..

the islamic concept of essa's turture doesnt exist at all because we dont believe he was exposed to any of this starting with the scene where they jail-ed him.

but if u did choose to watch that movie, u have to consider looking at it from either a christian perspective.. or a secular one.. dont go islamic at all :).. and choosing the first in this case, u would have appreciated the work done, the whole thought of bringing back the last 12 hours of jesus life.. and put the focus there is a master-plan, and it has done a good job to christian missionaries all around th world...

having said that, i disagree with u, the film did have a story: to focus on the pain.

just seeing the movie made me realise why christians think so highly of jesus -we do too.. but they think way beyond humanistic views- so it's kind of a look from beyond the boundaries in which they locate in.


Bloo said...

oh i forgot to tell u the most important point.. what most muslims think when watching this movie: its crap all lies.. none of this has happened..

the thing is flfl.. it actually did... but not to jesus !

Flamingoliya said...

thank you all for the clarification! will get back to you again.

Papillona ® said...

vintage, el 3ibri aslan logha aarameya ;)

Salted-Caramel said...

All I saw of the movie was the torture part, when the nailed him.

Spontaneousnessity said...

NuNu LOL! man you were way off!

Bloo said...

it sure is ya sarona.. but it would be technically wrong to say that the movie was in hebrew :)because hebrew is modren, where as aramic is the original marriage of basic hebrew and arabic.

Hopeless Poet said...

I never wanted to watch it from the start and I don't think I ever will! I don't like movies that are too famous :P

Flamingoliya said...

I eat nothing but cheese, nothing!

yes! it's very close to arabic! I understood some words! how come you know Hebrew?

don't eat while watching!

yes Satan was scary especially in the end of the movie when he was carrying a baby.
I remember the tear, but I didn't realize it was a tear! all I thought was what is this bubble! :s
now I know!

yes Aramic, that's what I heard. and yes I understood some words! I didn't know it was this close to arabic.


yes me too! I expected a full story!! that's why I was disappointed.

thanks alot for the info, too bad the movie didn't show all that. and welcome to the blog :)

LOL me too, I thought he was Jibreel. tough mother!

how come you all know HebreW?
the movie can have a story and focus on pain. but not a full movie just showing pain! you see, people like me wouldn't understand.
oh and I'm glad I'm forgiven :p

that's the most painful one :/

too famous movies are the best :P