Thursday, July 28, 2005


When I go lingerie shopping two things I hate most; one is having cashier men instead of women, the other is seeing couples shopping together.

I was doing some sales shopping today and when I was at the lingerie section I found a mid aged typical Kuwaiti couple. The man held a fuchsia satin piece embroidered with black lace and asked his wife why not get this satin piece? His wife told him tenderly:

ماكو من هذا حبيبي، شسوي بعد، شسوي

As I was behind this man I thought he’d feel embarrassed or something after seeing me but he didn’t. He kept examining the goods so I changed my mind and left.

Why wouldn’t the wife get to know her hubby’s favorites from magazines and catalogues?!


Salted-Caramel said...

Yeah, I don't like that either. Why men cashiers, why? As for those couples, yeah I see them a lot at Marks and Spencer. Don't like it either.Shtabee raz wayhik? It's womens' business. Why don't they feel embarassed? :/

Purgatory said...

I admire a man who goes and buys such stuff with his wife.

shosho said...

Damn it purgy - I was about to post the same comment!!

Anyways Flamingo ma feeeha shay 7abeebti, afterall he is the one who will pay for it ;)

Salted-Caramel said...
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Salted-Caramel said...

Purgatory & Shosho: Admire 3ala shino?

Purgatory said...

you will know this when you get older.

3baid said...

I've been asked to come shop with someone once. Even though it was very uncomfortable for me, I was calmed by the immense feeling of being close and trustworthy.

Salted-Caramel said...

Purgatory: Aha, whatever.

shosho said...

SC: it means he cares :) Besides, why are you looking at the situation as an outsider? Why can't you imagine yourself with your beloved hubby on a'hot' shopping spree?

Papillona ® said...

Flam. sij???

a7es 3adi.. I don't see anything wrong with a man shopping with his wife, whether lingerie shopping or else, it doesn't matter at all..

and It never made a difference if the cashier was a man or a woman, they're only doing their job.

I prefer shopping alone. and I never ask someone to join me.

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I don't mind it at all.. yet I hate it when especailly in Kuwiat some men stare at you and at what you are getting EKHHH That I dont like!

A7la shay going lingerie shopping with a GAY friend ;P

Salted-Caramel said...

Shosho: Like Shopaholic said, some stare at what other women get and it makes them feel uncomfortable. That's me as an outsider.

samboose said...

Ok! As a person who does have a spouse I think it's perfectly normal. In fact it shows his maturity.

Now on the other hand it also depends on how the guys' carrying himself in the section, avaoiding eye contact with other women help as to not embaress them because they might have the same issues disscussed here. Some do look like perverts.

We've come a long way here in how people view intamacy so I think we should be thankful for that.

Spontaneousnessity said...
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Spontaneousnessity said...

going shopping with his wife is something I admire too, bs 3ad lingerie!? ugly feeling if I was married o my husband yegooli get this wela that! either inna he gets it for me ebkaifa because he liked it and it's a beautiful thing to do by the way, or I get something I know he'll like, bs inna we're togather o yegooli get this one la get that one? I can't express the feeling but not nice at all, very awkward!

samboose said...

Well you don't have to think of it as lingirie, it's still an item of clothing.

My husband and I almost always shop together. Just like I pick our some items for him and he for me. He's never chosen any linigire for me because I only wear victoria's secret so all my lingire shopping's done online.

I think the awkwardness you al feel is because it's Kuwait. You probably wouldn't feel the same way if you were abraod. In fact you'd probably find it cute.

A3sab said...

I'll have to agree with samboose,
Ask youself this..Would you feel the same way if you were in europe or the US and saw couples shopping for lengerie together? I think its romantic and part of the whole sexual experience.
In Kuwait I'd rather not have my husband with me but if he happens to be there then I dont mind it at all.

Bloo said...

i suppose magazines have body's of girls.. a wife wouldn't want her hsband to see?

flfl// does this post reflect something opposite to the whole idea of the kuwait cosmo ?

Saad said...

This discussions reminds of a trip I took to Victoria's Secret once. The cashier was so hot i still drool when im reminded of her.

sorry what was this post about?

Flamingoliya said...

Salty, it seems that we are the ones who get embarrassed instead.

Purg ok

Shosho, I don't think he was gonna pay if they were shopping at Areej :P

3baid, thank God someone felt uncomfortable. this is how i think men should feel around those areas.

Sarah, ee sij :p
you prefer shopping alone, so I won't argue.

Shopa, yes this makes me feel uncomfortable :/ gay? hmm fikra :p

I don't know how lingerie shopping would show his maturity?! open minded you mean?
well as you said, those perverts make you feel uncomfortable.

I totally agree!

you see? you do it online! that is what i had in mind. and yes, it would be different abroad.

yeah this is one of the things that couples wouldn't feel comfortable doing in Kuwait but would do abroad. other things include holding hands, hugging, and eating ice-cream :p

it's just a magazine. I wouldn't want him to make women feel uncomfortable especially on weekend, sales time, ya3ni the place is full of women!
I didn't get your other question, it has nothing to do with KWSGS. Infact, I should've posted it there.

LOL :p

Sloth said...

ok thank god its not only me .. i keep hiding my items just in case i see a man with his wife.. its totally uncomfortable .. and honestly i don't see the romantic part of it.. but hey what do i know :/

NuNu™ said...

I totally agree with you "mn 6a2 6a2 le salamu 3alaiku"
Once I bought a bra n went to the cashier "it was a MAN" so when I gave him my item to pay, I was like staring at my boobs feeling "uncomfortable" can't express the feeling bs 3ad u have to get my point ;P

And about the couples, whenever I see a man going lingerie shopping with his wife, I just feel that I want to grap him n beat him to DEATH!!!

I definitly agree with Sponty.
Shopa has a good idea about shopping with a GAY ;P
And Samboose has a comfortable way of lingire shopping "done online" ;)

samboose said...

Actually I think this all relates to the taboo of sex.

I don't want to turn into a mini Dr. Ruth but I think the association of inigirie with sex is what the problem is.

Take for example if a guy talks sex talk in english it doesn't sound as bad as when it's done in arabic. Actually it sounds revolting. So I guess since all the guys you see here are mostly Arabs/Kuwaitisin then that's where the ickyness starts.

Ra-1 said...

fashla :p

Spontaneousnessity said...

NuNu, LOL et-hableeeeeeeen hehehe too elaborated!!

Samboose, yes even if I was in US or Europe I would still feel the same, it's not about where it's about privacy as I said, ya3ni to me even if I was in mars underwear is a sensitive issue, I'd rather go with a male friend to help me choose than to go with my husband! and I wouldn't do that either so the husband thing is out of the question, it's just how I feel about it, the surprise element I guess it makes things a bit exciting maybe, madri :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

I just saw Vitnage's comment I had to say something "i suppose magazines have body's of girls.. a wife wouldn't want her hsband to see?" ..

seriously? :) I mean when a man looks that doesn't make him a sinner just by that :P I don't mind if he looks I don't even mind if he says he finds the model pretty I would actually agree or disagree according to what I see, but not to show him a piece of clothing just because I don't want him to see hald naked girls? :) that's a very pure thought but eventually men will always look at girls whether fully clothed or totally naked ;) hehe the point is as long as it remains a look there's no harm done, you'll see what I mean in my post today :P hehehe peace out

Spontaneousnessity said...

by the way sorry for my long comments! I think I just like to make a point avoiding the misunderstoodnessity hehe

PeTiTa said...

Abaaay fashla..there are some girly things men should never know about and this is one of them! Men are suppoused to think we wake up looking that good malhom shi8il ib hal wouldn't take your husband with you if you were going to get your legs waxed or to get a facial.

Flamingoliya said...

thank God it's not only me ;)


I agree as for what you're saying tackles other matters too, but I still feel it's uncomfortable as I'm not a taboo person at all.

eee wallah :/

surprise element, I forgot to mention that, yes true.
about ladies in magazines, TV or what ever, I think they are harmless as long as they are unavailable and as long as I can see unavailable men too :p yes I like watching WWF :Pp
and Sponty, ekhthay ra7tich, el blog bloggich say all what's on your mind :)

Flamingoliya said...

LOL wake up looking that good? I am against that, they should know that we SUFFER in order to look that good :p but that doesn't mean they should go to the salon with us, just try to wax their hand to feel the pain hehe that way they won't blame us on our hairy days(hmm i think we need a new post about this).

Spontaneousnessity said...

Flam, thaaank yyooouuu :~)

PS: tara ma an3ata waih hehe

Flamingoliya said...

sponty, hehehe wala ana, fa 3adi :p

samboose said...

Here's a thought....would you fee l just as uncomfortable if you were in the swim suit section?

Flamingoliya said...

hmmm :) la 3adi hehehe

samboose said...

So that just prooves my point. It's the association of Lingirie with sex.

It's interesting how just a few lace and frills makes you fell HE HE HE!!!

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe :P

PeTiTa said...

hehehe really you should write a post about that ;P i can't wait!

Flamingoliya said...

hehe ok ;)

Wild_Mare said...

"I thought he’d feel embarrassed or something" hehehe as for me I feel embarrassed when i see a man in that store although it's a lady's place

Flamingoliya said...

I do too! and because of that I thought he'd be more embarrassed.