Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crack Crack

I am disappointed in (some bloggers)
ماني قايله منو وليش
and no, it's not you

"When The People Spoke"
is a HILARIOUS, sarcastic film
عورني بطني من الضحك
بس يفشل وسواد وجه لنا ولا أتمنى عرضه بالخارج
I will talk more about it when I have the time

I am disappointed at work
(I am not chosen)

ليش ما أعرف أقشر الحب عدل؟
Why do I have to use my hands to get to the core?
Yes, my colleagues عادوني واكتشفت انهم اهم المتهنين بحياتهم الوظيفية
عيزت وأنا أحاول اني أطلع صوت عالي عند تقشير الحب
Just to get back at them for their noise
ما أقدر أشتغل من الازعاج

الحب المصري لذيذ
أنا ويني عنه من زمان

My current mission:
To know how to crack الحب with a higher sound than my colleagues.

My colleague just gave me a gift that consists of (Electric Sparklers) and (Bomb Bag). I told him that I have fear of fire works and that I don't need it. I wonder how he's gotten through our security gate. Hmmm, I don't know what he's thinking. Blowing me up? Or the whole building?

I need a new job. But I don't know what I want to be.

ليش يسمون الي يشتغل
حمار مكده؟
I really need to know... and no, it's not me but another who's كاسره خاطري actually.


Broke said...
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Broke said...

1- Never get disappointed in ppl that u don't really know ..

Ba3dain we r still not sure , sa7 ?

2- Regarding the film .. I don't agree with u , cause this happens everywhere ..not only in q8. Plus , that's history/reality and remember that guy said ..U can't delete history ..

3- Amma salfat el 7ab ... sij sij tha7akteeny .. ma tyozeen men sewalfech :P

Flamingoliya said...

galbi naqizni, disappointed o bas :p

about the film,your point is valid if it's either:
تاريخ مشرف
أو خليط من المشرف والغير مشرف

المشرف موجود ولا يمكنني انكار ذلك ولكن لم يتم التركيز عليه
لقد تم هضم حقه

about el 7ab:
you know me, can't be too serious :P

The Stallion said...

People might fear the documentary but it is true and in your face! We need more documentaries such as this one to show the flaws od the society/community we live in! Without such videos we will not change and the only thing that stops this video is the fear that people hold about what others think!

Why do people hold such a fear? On the contrary people should not fear this video and show it off! Other countries will thank us for it because they have the same problems in their country but they are affraid of decumenting it! At least we have the guts to do so!

Flamingoliya said...

yes, but why highlight the bad examples only? why not a mixture of both?
why ignore the role of old political activists like Luluwa ALMulla? None of them was even interviewed.

The Stallion said...

No one can answer that but the director! When I went to a show at the Graduate Society he specifically mentioned that there were portions that weren't added due to the fact that he wasn't there! A person can't be everywhere to take footage of everything!

But everyone has a right to their opinion and it would be a good thing to sit down and discuss the situation especially with Bu Naz to be there to hear what he has to say!

A3sab said...

afaa 3asa muza3lana 3alai i've been so busy with the political situation in the country i've lost touch with many of my blogger friends..

Papillona ® said...


Baroque said...

u were there yesterday too?


as for the 7ob, well.. khaleeha 3ala allah yakfy illy feena ;p

Delicately Realistic said...

I coulsnt make it lil asaf :( i really wanted to go
shawagteeny...baro7 akasir 7ab il7een


Baroque said...

lol i read it 7ob :P
OMG! this is a sign.. i've been single for too long!

Flamingoliya said...

The Stallion
sure :)


problem solved :P

chan giltay! :p
and LOL yeah you should find someone to love :P

hehehehehehe don't tell me you're one of them (chak chaks), I will hate you then :P
enshalla you get to see the next screening.