Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The thief

من حفر حفرة لأخيه وقع فيه
لدي دولاب بالمكتب احفظ فيه اشيائي الثمينة كالآلة الحاسبة وأشيائي الخاصة كمعدات تنظيف مثل ديتول
تعرضت لسرقة كريم يد جديد قبل فتره حيث أن عمال التنظيف لديهم هوس بهذه المستحضرات فلم تكن تلك أول مره
ومن يومها بدأت بالحرص على قفل الدولاب مع انتهاء الدوام وحفظ المفتاح في جرار صغير
ولم يسلم دولابي من السرقة مره أخرى
وفي آخر مره قررت اخفاء المفتاح في مقلمة مملوءه بالدبابيس
خطة ذكية لجرح اصبع السارق
ولكن كما يقول المثل
من حفر حفرة لأخيه وقع فيه
جرحت نفسي عدة مرات
اني ابحث عن طريقة اخرى اخبيء فيها المفتاح
وانتقم بها من السارق
بدل الاتنقام من نفسي


Purgatory said...

do you work in the same company as ra-1???

maha said...

حطي المفتاح في سلسلة مفاتيحج

ZinZinQ8 said...

why don't you keep the cream in your purse and carry it around with you? OR just take the drawer's key and keep it in your car so you'll always have it when you come to work.

Qaneema & her husband said...

this is our bad idea

خلي الحرامي ياخذ اللي يبيه
بس خلي اللي ياخذه يأدبه
يعني حطيله حلاو و كوكاو بس غاطته في دوى كحّه
أو حطيله غرشة كريم بس تارستها كوريكتر


Hind said...


Jewaira said...

I like Qaneema & hubby's idea. Must be taught a lesson.
In a place I worked once, one of the ladies felt it was ok to "borrow" things from other employees drawers and did so very often.

judy said...

ياالمجرمة طلعتي مو هينه.
يا أختي كله كريم خل تاخذة

ok i'll tell you what to do,
go and tell her to stop :) simple.

Or put the key in your pocket

Delicately Realistic said...

tha7kteeeny flammy hahahahaha
if i were u i would put a decoy cream, cream mixed up with something....bleach? burn their hands...hmmm a dead cockroach....emm
i dunno...be creative...& keep us updated in what happens!


Caffeinated said...

Maybe someone is going around Kuwait stealing all the cream...

It happened to me, too. :(

Ms.Baker said...

Dear Flaming,

I hate it when something gets stolen from me, and I hate petty thieves who steal little things from me even more. It isn't very nice.

But the way I figure it, if someone is desperate enough to steal cream ( and I hope the cream wasn't an expensive one - that would drive me nuts to have it stolen!) then maybe he needs it more than I do... Plus, what goes around comes around, so here's hoping that at least the cream makes him/her all itchy and red...

Solution: get yourself one of those padlocks with the combinations or codes that you have to enter in order to open it (lawazim il-3ayla at co-ops usually sell them). That way, the key is inside your head and you are never without it ;)

MsB (il-boug i-bu6 chabdi!)

Horseshoe said...

أخذي مفتاحج وياج
ليش تخلينه؟
مثل الي يقفل الباب وخلي المفتاح معلق
ماسوينا شي!!!

NuNu™ said...

Try getting this new bra that comes with it a small pocket so you can hide small stuff inside it.. Let's say this key! =D

COME ON!!! It's a poecket bra

MBH said...

I don't understand why you keep the key around!

Anyway, you either put some acid inside the next lution and wait for the culprit to get maimed, or put some super glue on the key.
Either ways, the thief will be clear to the eyes, unless s/he decides to cut his/her hand!


Hind said...

fiiifiii wainch!! :o

Papillona ® said...

miss you :(


Shurouq said...

أين أنت يا فتاة؟

Flamingoliya said...

أنا هنا
قضيت أحلى اسبوع عسل مع رجل يكبرني ب 5 آلاف سنة
تحدثنا كثيرا وناقشنا أمورا عدة
تعلمت الكثير ولم أشبع
أتمنى زيارته مره أخرى
حاولت تهريبه ولكن الشرطة حاوطتني بكل مكان
ونتيجة لمحاولتي الطائشة
سوف ينقل لمكان آخر
ولكن أحلى
أحلى ولكن ستنقصه رائحة الغبار الأبدي

NuNu™ said...

LOL!!! Entay ZOQA =D

Spontaneousnessity said...

hehe shar il baleyati ma yoth7ek, inzain here's what I do, take it with you!

I keep mine in my wallet, I never forget my wallet, unless you do! that would be too much.