Monday, March 26, 2007


"How come girls wanna marry and at the same time they call men
bastards or 3oo3 or Z? They wont gain men's respect"

That was a private feedback I got on my email today regarding my last post The Z Conversation

What do you tink?


eshda3wa said...

cz girls are hopeful creatures, always think there gna land a good one

plus come on ppl do u think everyone wants to die a virgin
its called compromise


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

cuz men are like shoes you step on them yet can't live without them

Broke said...

تعرفين المثل اللي يقول

ثوومة ماكولة و مذموومة

That's the case with both men and women :P

Cr8ivia said...

i agree with broke

nachla said...

i think that men r truly misunderstod in many times
and even if they werent
ill stll beleive that they r misunderstod
becouse l hate lonliness and masterpation

buy the way broke
ثومة = عومة
مثل يطلق كنايه بالسمك الصغير اللي اصغر من الزوري كان يؤكل من البحارين سابقا عندما يقل الصيد ولا يكون هناك غير العوم صالح للاكل

Brava Valentia said...

it's a must evil!

we say 3oo3, or Z or whatever...they call us.. il nisra, il di3la .. il3asra..same thing..still yet, we can't live without eachother!!

1001 Nights said...

Well I don't know if they'll lose male respect. But I did hear that it's a bad idea for a girl to give out a vibe that she hate's all men because men can pick up on that and it would make the girl look bitter or spiteful which is not in her favor.

Shinoo Z?

:P :P :P (beleive it or not, when I first read that I actually thought you meant "zifft")