Saturday, March 10, 2007


my sister is blackmailing me.

When my sister found out that Flamingoliya the blogger is me, she got crazily mad why I haven't told her. She felt like I betrayed her. She told me everything, and expected the same thing in return.

Now, not only she remembers the betrayal in her heart, she's also blackmailing me. She has a friend who tells her everything, and she feels obliged to tell her that Flamingoliya is me. Keeping my secret makes her feel that she's betraying her friend!!!!

She doesn't understand the meaning of privacy. She doesn't understand that I have a world of my own. She wants to invade me. Whenever the circle grows, I feel less giving to this blog. No one understands this feeling except bloggers who blog my way.

Sooner or later she's going to find out. Let her find out the natural way. If she's a good friend, she wouldn't feel betrayed. The thing is MY secret, not my sister's.


Being temporarily unemployed feels great; I have time for myself. My friend says that I’m going to get bored in 3 months max. I DON'T think so!!! ;-)

First thing I did during my free time is to go to the salon and get 7amam zait. My hair felt like Arfaj for ages, I just knew that I only needed a simple pampering.


I need a good طبيب عظام
ِAny recommendations?
فيني دودوو


Purgatory said...

Your sister seems to be the jealous type, is she single?

D said...

ur friend jealous, being unemployed is the besttt. i used to go saloon 5 times a week, go jam3iya 1/2 times a day, and walk in every mamsha i know.

Breeze said...

i can understands the way u feel cuz difinitley i blog the same way u blog ;) ..

i don't want anyone knew about it, i mean let them read it no problem .. but not knowing that thig blog belongs to me !! ..


hmmmm about being temporarily unemployed , i disagree with u .. cuz it sucks !!! ask me !!! aaaaaah 9arly more than 7 months ba6aleya !!! I FEEL SICK !!!!! and every night am just crying !! :''(

u'll gonna get bored exactly as what ur friends said .. ! u'll see ;)



د.مساعد السعيد

is a good one .. my sis used to had cure sessions in his 3eyada .. !

the place is in hawaly .. wain el negra o0 ma negra .. :P it's there u can read his name on the building where most of the doctors are there ..

o0 enshalah khair :)

Joud said...

i'd get mad if i found out my sis had a blog i didn't know about :->

Flamingoliya said...

jealous from what?!!!

I'm sure she's not. She's just the serious type :)
I'm enjoying this period of time to the fullest... wanasa

Flamingoliya said...

love your blog.. coming from the heart.

crying from other things maybe... but mo ma3qoola crying from being unemployed! i am crying from happiness! :P

will check that dr out. thanks alot :)

hmmm! ;p me too heheheh :P

Jewaira said...

I am so glad you are enjoying this period of respite.

And a note to Flamingoliya's sister: Please respect her privacy!!! There are some things that DON'T need to be shared with others and even sisters!

Does your sis have a blog Flamingoliya? I am sure she is as funny and witty as your are!

Flamingoliya said...

this post worked. i guess i'm better in communication and convincing in writing than in real!!