Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Inner struggle

He calls;
I'm vulnerable;
I don't pick up the phone.

He sends a message;
I am relieved;
I don't have to call back.

The next day;
I am depressed;
I need to talk to someone.

I lay on my bed
He calls
I watch his name blinking on the screen;

Calling me "rescue is here",
and my mind tells me "the devil is here";
I ignore.

He hangs up
I feel guilty and yet,
I feel great relief

I defeated the devil


nQ said...


Jewaira said...

You're strong.

f7ee7eely said...

I have been through a similar situation recently. I didnt have the gutts to spell the words and in all honesty I was a bit reluctant to end the relationship.
(heart vs mind)

Eventually I managed to get myself together and make the ultimate decision which was blacklisting her mobile so that she wont be able to get a hold of me and when she finally did thru another phone line, I had the courage to utter the words that I can no longer do this!

she wont understand ( madree laish )

lesson learned (en7aash gabol fawat el awan)

she's married!

f7ee7eely said...

to pre-empt any misapprehnsion about the en7aash part...y3ny I shouldnt have taken it any further the moment she confided to me that she is married!


3abeer said...

would my post be of any relevance??
it's all about the attitude.

Anonymous said...

................. :)

P.S. Check your email

Anonymous said...

Demons, Flaming...demons......

Ms. D said...

b strong.. most of the times the only reason u run to pick up is DOODA.. lo bs allah yfukna mn hal 6ab3.. chan we all have tight knotted closures

ray said...

i gotta contragulate u on achieving your weight goal :)

the bmi ruler thingy is very cute :)

Jewaira said...

Still on holiday :) ?