Saturday, July 28, 2007


chained out
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What's so secret about hiding an email? Especially when you deal in real? Wallah I thought they were exchanging visa numbers.

What is it with some people who act freely online, while in real they pretend they don't even know you.

How come some men don't greet you in public or, when they are with their wives?

I don't understand...
I don't know how to act...
or how to respond anymore..

Don juan
He walks with pride. He talks with pride. They're all mad about him. He is cute, but he's not my type. I don't like work related Don juans. It's not the right atmosphere.

I always heard about it, but I just felt it. Why are all the good men taken?

I told him he was too young to get married. His defensive answer proved me right "I'm a man" (ana rayyaaaal) with a full chest and laid back shoulders.
Now he proved me more right, that he's having second thoughts after a loooooooong engagement period. Not to mention the reason for choosing her in the first place was her being very pretty (sarookh).

* Sharing a passion for something in common is very attractive and ...


EniGma said...

-they want to avoid problems with their wives.

-i noticed they're all taken.. but wait were there any in the first place? something 2 think about..

-i hear it from a lotta guys, "ehya 9aroookh" akhir shay te6la3 zaagoog

congrats on reaching ur weight goal!

Flamingoliya said...

hahahahhaha I haven't seen her yet.. now shawagteeni!

and thanks! finally someone noticed! hehe I reached it a while ago, but was too lazy to update the ticker.

f7ee7eely said...

The 9aroookh thing reminded me of a joke which i would like to share with u and ur fellow readers if u dont mind :)))))))

mn7ay goes to his cousin and says that he is seriously thinking of getting hitched...his cousin tells him that he shouldnt marry a beautiful women (9arookh)....mn7ay was bewildered by his cousin's weird advice and asks for more explanation....the cousin says that if he marrys a beautiful woman then everyone will hit on her and she might cheat on him bla bla after thinking seriously for few minutes mn7ay goes : WELL COUSIN! I WOULD RATHER EAT HONEY AND SHARE IT WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD THAN EAT SHIT ALL BY MYSELF hehehehehe

sorry if it was too profane!!

Flamingoliya said...

an unexpected ending I must say but nevertheless


Jewaira said...

You have many points to consider in this post.

"Sharing a passion for something in common is very attractive and ..."

Where does this fit in?

This is the society you are living in. We have to adapt.

Is there an equivalent of sarookh for men? Is it Full Option or something like that?

Ansam said...

Like you said

3oqad 3oqad 3oqad


3abeer said...

hello sweets .. been a while..

I ran across an old school mate from back in the US at one of the malls.. I was so excited to see him since we were good friends back then and lost contact ever since we came back to Kuwait.. to my astonishment he looked me in the eyes and simply walked away with no reaction what so ever!!.. I was shocked!! turns out .. he got married and his wife was with him :)

I simply wish him happiness.. and... uuuhhh whatever :P