Monday, September 24, 2007


It feels good
I feel cared for, admired
A feeling that's new to me;

It makes me fly;
It makes my veins dance;
My vocal cords sing,

And most of all, it makes me feel feminine.
A feeling I've missed for so long.

When I look into my soul,
I see my 7 year old self playing with Ken and Barbie
In a light blue world that is peaceful,
and where everything I wish for becomes true within my hands

My hands that used to make Ken and Barbie hug in the little garden of barbeer I collected from my moms diet salad.


Jewaira said...

Beautiful Flamingoliya :-)
and always with that touch of trademark light humour

Anonymous said...

This is so great!

And so unexpectedly wonderful (the barbeer diet salad!). The word that jumped into my mind when I read it was : Delightful. And it is :)

Ms. D said...

barbies *sigh*
my mom made me throw them all away cuz my sis used to cry over them and wanted to share and i didnt wanna.. so.....

its so sad

bs a7eb`hom still ;D barbeyat awal a7la mn barbyat al7en

Judy Abbott said...

انقول عالبركه؟

Flamingoliya said...

can't help it ;) and thanks

glad you like it :)

ohhh that's so sad. i still remember my lost dolls, so i know how you feel.
you can still buy yourself new ones ;)

hahaha 3ala sheno!? :p