Sunday, January 27, 2008


I bought an Ipod last August and it's been empty ever since. I just learned how to use LimeWire (thank you Poet) and I've suddenly fallen in love with Ipoddi and Mac!
Yes I want to buy myself a Mac.

Here's what I downloaded. I am an oldie.

All I have to do is dream
Annie's song
Any dream will do
To really love a woman
Circle of life
Hotel California
Endless love
Nothing's gonna change my love
I can see clearly now
I can show you the world
My endless love
Oceans apart
I believe I can fly
Because I love you
Those were the days my friend
Unbreak my heart
Under the board walk
Hips don't lie

الكويت صغيرة
في ناس يشوفون هالشيء زين وفي العكس

أنا أقول أنه شيء زين
when I meet people I like :)


Jewaira said...

Nice selection Flamingoliya :-)

Hopeless Poet said...

You are welcome :D

Next lesson will be the torrents inshallah :P

Anonymous said...

Yebeeli iyah, oo atersa lich ya Flaming :)

eshda3wa said...

i still didnt get me one of those

madre im too in love with my cds

Flamingoliya said...

any recommendations? :)

mino hatha? :P


you will love it :)