Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do You Remember?

Do you remember?
When we used to play?
We hid, we ran
We jumped, we sang
We danced, we fooled with each other
And then
We grew up
We grew apart
But I know
I am still in your heart

The mark you left on my right hand is still there
Your way of showing love was by beating me
The more you beat me, the more I felt your love
I knew you just wanted to tease me
I knew you just wanted to please me

Those memories cannot be forgotten
When I am mad at this world
I lay back on my bed
Close my eyes
And just remember and dream of my younger years
I change sides
With a smile on my face
I sigh
And sometimes I wake up and laugh

Sweet days they were
Sweet memories they are
Sweet dreams they will always be

I am forever thankful
For the sweetness you added to my life
No one
And I mean no one
Ever replaced you
Except a few fake copies of you

I will forever be

Inspired by Aisha ElMarta


Jewaira said...

Sweet nostalgia :-)

I like the part about the beating lol

Flamingoliya said...


tharb el 7abeeb zay akil el zibeeb

eshda3wa said...

hatha ele ysamoona el7ob el3aneeeef

Anonymous said...

3ashet Flamflooma Al-3askar, 3ashet :*