Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Perrier VS Beer

Excuse me Sir, but I didn't know that pronouncing the word Beer is a taboo.
I had some work with a company that imports Beer. So when discussing it with my boss, he was refering to it as Perrier the whole time. I kept on correcting him, but he was insisting. He wouldn't believe that it was Beer although he was holding the papers that spelled out the WORD BEER!
It's been three days now, and still refering to it as Perrier. So, I was gossiping about it with a colleague of mine who confessed that yes, he wouldn't say Beer either, because the word is considered a taboo! He was amazed at how brave I was saying the word out loud!
"Would ji3a be a better title?" I asked.
No! Because it made me the taboo girl now, Flamingoliya ji3a! as he desided to nickname me!


Ms. Baker said...

Hmm. Maybe you should call it the "brew".

Or: the "brewski"

Or: "The devil's drink"

Come to think of it, if you have to have a taboo pseudonym, I rather like the nickname "Flamingoliya, the tall cool glass of the devil's brew"... it makes you sound dangerous, like pity the fool who messes with you... ;P

People can be really funny when they try to be artificially dainty...

Jewaira said...

Made me think of Root Beer

What an odd place you work in

Ra-1 said...

LOL shako 3aib
elkhamer maktoob in Qur'an as well :)

Hopeless Poet said...

حسنا جدا! لنذهب الآن لاحتساء الجعة


It sounds funny in Arabic :P