Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Elections are over

Din Din Din Dom

and the weather is great outside

Din Din Dinnn

no one is sending me any SMS



Broke said...

LOL ..

ywansoooon !

Mako " dom dom tak " ?


آنا لايعة جبدي من مسجات التنزيلات الهائلة و التفتحيات الجديدة

شلون أفتك منهم ؟

Broke said...

* تفتيحات

Jewaira said...

Love the photo :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes they are still sending you sms' . Sms's thanking you for reinstalling the same old bushy bearded dudes that ripped the country apart last time and will now stomp on and then roll those remaining bits into a cigarette and smoke it blowing smoke rings in our faces. Oh, and they want to serve you a ladies buffet dinner to thank you too.

Buffet dinners i3awroon ba6nee.

Khosh 9oora ya fannana Flamflooma. Khosh stick figure girlie rock band dollies. Abee tesree7et ille 3la ilyameen.

Mashe-qe6ari said...

اتشووووووووووووووووق كشتهم

Mother Courage said...

*al ostoura

PaLoMiNo said...

et9adgen eny nesait shbaghyt akteb?!! ;r hehehhe daykha feni noom ;r