Sunday, June 01, 2008

Unchangeable Fate

Today we passed by AlKoot Mall, it was an unplanned visit and I was wearing high heels. You know that I can't walk properly in them, especially on slippery grounds like MALLS. So, luckily, I saw flat sandals that I wanted before but haven't found my size in Kuwait city. I bought them and continued shopping wearing them so that I wouldn't slip!

On my way out, walking happily with somethings I bought that, also, weren't available in the city, I slipped! Well almost! I stepped with one foot on the wheel chair path and slid with my new flats  with a loud scream followed by a laugh to hide the embarrassment. I felt my legs part from my body.

Now as I think of it, would I have slipped with my heels? Was I trying to change unchangeable fate? 


عثماني said...

اول شي سلامات و ما تشوفين شر

ثانيا .. هالزلقة بتصير بتصير..سواء لابسة كعب ..او حتى حافية

اللي الله كاتبة بصير

ثالثا ..شمدوديج اخيتي الكوت بهالزحمة


Delicately Realistic said...

Yes lil asaf ;) cuz ur new flats are still shiny and new on the heel. Oh well ;> kha6ach ilso

Jewaira said...

Probably it was in your subconscious mind and you fell because you were expecting to

Falling while wearing high heels is more dramatic.

I hope some gallant dashing young man came to your rescue :p

Ms. Baker said...

Salamaat Flamfloom :* Glad you are ok.

I'm with Mr. Othmani on this subject of changing unchangeable fate.

But what I really want to know is, did you eat raspberry tarts at Paul there without me?

Joud said...

had u been wearing heels u wouldve been extra careful, so i dont think u wouldve slipped ;)

Seattle dude said...

salamat :P