Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello from..

The grand mosque.
I am there hopping from one place to another. When i stand next to
kuwaitis, they either smell like bukhoor hindi, khal6a, aw madri
sheno,elmohim ena el ree7a 3atra that makes my nose itch. And when i
go next to ekhwanna el3arab,they smell like kitchen.
My noooose, itching itching,,, we have water sprays above us, its
cool, but making the smell increase because of the humidity its causing.


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M.D said...

LOLS .. well you got to handle the smell .. ur there for Allah not for the smell ;p

Delicately Realistic said...

Taqbal Allah.

Ana ilyom awal ma dashait shamait re7at BO bs madri min wain...b3dain ra7at.....ashwa.

Jewaira said...

Now that is real time blogging :-)

Having a sensitive nose doesn't help does it?

eshda3wa said...

ro7ay masyed el fereej

less za7ma

Ms. Baker said...

Jeyaam last night was great :) Bes we decided last minute not to go to the Grand mosque. I went to the little one behind our house that is "mesyed ubooy" (the mosque my dad went to bil-freej) with my sisters and aunts instead. Lots of sweets and coffee passed around in between rik3as. Very cozy :)

I forgot about you and your bukhoor allergy! Have to remember that.

Speaking of 6eeb, my mix of Eau de Quatre Reines, freesia, and the hint of bukhoor on my thoob 9alat, envelops me in a scented heaven impervious to any offensive smell assaulting my overactive olfactory organ. Yabeelich 7ag next time.

Flamingoliya said...

it's annoying and distracting! :x

minna o minnich.. lol, ashwa!

-lol mastaghna 3an my E61i ;)
-that would be my excuse for not cooking ;p

you're right, but i also like the atmosphere there :)

shouldn't they all use aunt eve's summer flowery perfume? ;)