Sunday, September 14, 2008

Love You For A Reason

I have a reason and I am old fashioned but I can't decide which one of you.


Ms. Baker said...


(7elji imba6al oo 3yooni imbagiga)

You are far too young to remember the good old days when the "Donny and Marie Show" was the starring attraction of haute Kuwaiti TV entertainment (TV that was on from 9-1PM and 4-11pm on 2 channels only, I might add) my dear Flamfloom. And how our chic Kuwaiti kiddy social schedule not only revolved around it's showing, but also "Gunsmoke", "Bewitched", "Little House on the Prairie" and "The Waltons".

Oh, and lest we forget, the Friday afternoon Hindi film extravaganza.

Okkkh wadayteeni ib3eeeeeeeeed to another time and place in the Kuwaiti space-time continuum....

Please don't say it was Donny you loved. Please say it was one of those studly studs Alan or Wayne ;p ;p

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe :)
I wasn't even born :P i remember going to my uncle's room and taking some old cassettes and this one was yellow covered in red. i still have it.

all what i remember about little house was a little girl wearing a long dress. and through out the years, whenever i wore a long dress my sister told me chinnich little house.

our house maid used to watch the indian movie. it was HER time of the week.

it's not donny, it's anyone as cute as they are singing to me and swinging and wooing me with all those words. but i'd rather see black pants.

Ms. Baker said...

Wooing schmooing ;p

Tall, rugged, silent typed and gentle hearted saucy sailors with PhD's rock.

Ooo bes 3aad Miss "I wasn't even born" ;p ;p hahahaha (awareech)

Ms. Baker said...


Flamingoliya said...

not very silent, or else he wouldn't sing ;p

i swear i wasn't born hahahahaaha

Ms. Baker said...

Yeah yeah to the hand...tell it to your mama...;p

You owe me a Paul's raspberry tart for that one ;p

Flamingoliya said...

i don't owe you a raspberry tart!!

i owe you a dinner at the one, THEN a raspberry tart, then a takeaway smoked salmon from le pain :P

Ms. Baker said...

Hehehehe that's why I love you :***

Flamingoliya said...

and this ladies and gents concludes the purpose of this post.

she loves me for a reason.


Jewaira said...


Lol I have this song on a 70's Valentine's CD collection. I listen to it in the car when I am channel & CD hopping.

MSBaker I think Donny is the best looking one now....didn't you see them all on Oprah? The whole Osmond Clan (Allahuma la 7assad)

Anyway, I was intrigued by the Phd sailor bit....very intrigued indeed.

Ms. Baker said...

LOL Jewaira, this frenetic comment session (based on Flamflooma's imaginary jab at my imaginary touchiness about my imaginary geriatric condition ) was the result of staying up far too late and on a ramadan night and having far too much vacation than is good for a person ;p

As for those rugged, gentle hearted saucy sailor(s)... yabeela ge3da on big overstuffed sofas with warm little crochet throws and puffy pillows to relax on, chay ze3faran, 7ab, and lots of Leonida's praline chocolates LOL ;)

Oo Donny is doing pretty amazing for his age, isn't he? He was always a charmer!