Saturday, April 01, 2006


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The Stallion said...

Awww! Don't say that!

People like me and I didn't win!


Hind said...

waaaaaay sallem galb el za3laneen ;*
embala en7ebich waaaaaaaaaaayed, ana a63an bel tasweet ;p

Ms.Baker said...

Dear Flaming,

Ya7leeeelich oo 5udoodich il7ilween!

It's a fact that MG and I love you to pieces Flaming, and in my book, you are just too darn good for any award to even come close in recognizing how wonderful you are :)

MsB, your biggest fan

Jewaira said...

Intay 3asal wallah :)

Jelly Belly said...

I swear I voted for you :***
as the funniest always make me laugh when I'm depressed...I love you babe, intay o bass wel bajee khass LOL :*

Papillona ® said...

I love you and this is enough (sounds like purg eh?)

Broke said...

Flam ..
I don't think that u need our votes , because you've already win our hearts ..Am I right ?

A3sab said...

hawneeha wit-hooooooon :-)

The Don ® said...

I would give you my award, but I don’t think you want to win sexiest male blogger, would you??

Flamingoliya said...

The Stallion
Thanks for cheering me up :)

hahahaha thank you :*

Dear MsB
mashkoora (ekhdoodi 7elween wana yahil but not now :P )
Thank you so much :)) You're one of my fave bloggers too and I miss your microscopic pics SO MUCH.

wentay gish6a hehehe :) thank you :)

mashkooora 7abeebti entay walla! :*
I am glad I can make you laugh, really! thaaanks :))) Love you too.

LOL yeah.. Love you too :*

7abeebti entay! :*

hanat hanat :)

The Don
hehehe no I wouldn't :) you're the sweetest :)) thanks for the support :))