Monday, April 03, 2006

Why Does Junk Email Target Men Only?

Every morning Flamingoliya goes to work, she checks her work-related inbox. All what she finds is email about one product but with different subject lines. No matter how many times she blocks the sender, new accounts are created. Subject lines vary between:

Increase your sexual desire
Medicines before Valentine Day!!!
Medicines for real men!!!
Men Health
She wants a better sex? All you need's here!
Super Viagra (Cialis)
Viagra Soft Tabs
Want your love back?? Check it out!
We cure any disease!
Why seek? Choose any love pi11 you want!

One more email that doesn't belong to the category is global investment house with their daily or weekly market report.

Flamingoliya's manager sometimes asks her to check for certain emails he's been notified with from clients and she claims that she hasn't seen them. But when she checks her deleted junk email, she finds them. Some times she manages to hide the fact that she’s deleted them, but many times she couldn’t.


A secret admirer visited Flamingoliya today. Her art work was praised. Flamingoliya felt happy that her work didn't go in vain. She appreciated the visit and now can't help but smile. Her endorphin production rose.


Flamingoliya is on a diet. Her mom keeps asking her about how many galleries her food contains. While her co-worker keeps asking how many categories.

Is the word calorie that difficult?


It is awkward when you like someone and that someone or that someone’s close relative proposes to a person very close to you.

What are the odds?


I apologize for not replying to comments, but be sure that I will. madri eshfeeni, I have to be in a certain mood to be able to.


The Don ® said...

simple answer to your title question, because there is no pills to increase women's breasts without surgery yet.. lol

Papillona ® said...

Flam babes, I get those spam emails EVERYDAY! they all talk about the same thing:


I'm like:
but I don't have a *beep* !

Please stop sending me those emails you're freaking me out :(

Ms.Baker said...

Dear Flaming,

Heck, you only posted the polite subject titles. My junk mail makes me blush and wonder at how come with all the books I read, there are still a few things I haven't a clue as to what they are! Mara ish 6ooli oo ish 3urthee, LOL.

I bet you have more than one secret admirer Flaming Flamingoliya :) May your endorphin production keep being spurred into overdrive by lovely admirers who know what you are worth and will keep you smiling.

Hmm. I like your mom's pronunciation of calorie the best. Shows true artistic appreciation for the beauty of food.

...And that is awkward indeed. A strange twist of fate. Think about the secret admirer who appreciated your artwork and made you smile instead... "wa 3asa an takrahoo shay2an wa huwa khayran lekum""

Don't worry about replying to our comments, what with taking care of the two kids and arranging the caterers for your party, comments are the last thing you need to worry about :P :P We are patient people ;) (Just make sure you splurge and get us some nice little canapes from Lenotre or SAS at the party)

MsB, sending a wish for your endorphins to always remain in overproduction...

3baid said...

The best way to get rid of spam is to use an address book (contact list). That way, filtering suspicious from trusted email becomes a lot accurate and easier to manage.

Baroque said...

did i mention that i love ur moods ;p

Hind said...

Why does junk e-mail target men only?

because women aren't too desperate to check their junk email, they re organized and as 3baid said set up a contact list

Qaneema & her husband said...

I agree ma3a Postich

o Hope ena Moodich y9eer Better soon ya FlaFi

Bloo said...

cracked about :
Flamingoliya is on a diet. Her mom keeps asking her about how many galleries her food contains. While her co-worker keeps asking how many categories.

Is the word calorie that difficult?

MBH said...

As some women may start to suspect whether they have a "winky" or not, because of the insisting spam, I, on the other hand, am starting to suspect that someone is watching me.

First of all, how would Adriana, Dalya, Trisha, Sarah & many other women (whom I've never seen nor spoken to) know about my "weewee" ?!
I surely haven't showed it to anyone since I was 8!

Maybe it's a secret government project to install peepholes in houses to measure men's "weewees" !!! =8O

Seriously, the main reason that SPAM targets men more than women, is that men are easily sexually driven than women.
A woman need to be in the mood, while a man can get erected in an instance. I think this relates to the male hormone, testosterone.

Use Spam Assassin. (check the spelling). It's installed on the server side, i.e., on the mail server. It filters out SPAM very effeciently.
If you're using Hotmail, it's crap. Go for GMail or Yahoo, respectively.

Flamingoliya, would you mind posting pictures of your art work, please?

Ms.Baker said...


3ad ma9a5teeha, waynich?

MsB, tis2el 3anich, yal gaa63a ;)

Flamingoliya said...


It's like they are obsessed!

LOL @ "true artistic appreciation for the beauty of food"
The thing is that the secret admirer is female LOL
thank you MsB for your comments :))

The thing is that this email account belongs to work. anyone we deal with can send email. so i cannot limit my inbox to the people i know only :/

heheehe no :P

hahahaha .. as for the contact list, check my reply to 3baid.

el mood goes up and down and up and down :p
nobody ever called me Flafi,, nice.

glad mom and co-worker made you laugh :p

the email provider belong to work, i cannot interfere :/ the only thing i can do is to manually block each spam email; a thing that never ends.

kani kani thank you for asking ;*