Sunday, April 01, 2007

mako 3inwan

mo gadra aktib
I login to blogger
create a post
write a word or two
can't complete a sentence
ideas vanish

madri eshfeeni

I wait
and try
and tryyyy

mako fayda
then I click X


Jewaira said...

this is enough. better than not posting at all :)

BLaSha said...

Breath, post about what u done today :D

Delicately Realistic said...'ll come back...why dont u start off by looking thru online pics...or listening to music...the inspiration will come.

Jacqui said...

Thats what I've been going through the past year or so, I get ideas to write about but once I start writing they sound incoherent or just lost so I stop it.

Cr8ivia said...

u need a good break

3baid said...

May I recommend some chocolate? :]

eshda3wa said...

dnt think
dont try

ull have something to post about soon enough

Christelke Agapito-Genciagan said...

Just curious as I see this phrase used often enough -- what does "mako fayda" mean?