Thursday, April 19, 2007

Diet, Day 1, 70.7 Kilos

He was my colleague...
We have the same personality...

We both just quit our jobs...
... I was trying to convince him to take training courses of things he's interested in just like I did since my quittance.

Me: I've learned alot! I've changed!
Him: No offence but, you haven't changed.

I smiled, trying to grasp what he said, and after a 3 second pause he said:

Him: You're still your lovable self.
Me: etragi3ha?

Giggles... subject changed.


Who wants to compete with me in loosing weight?
Current weight: 73 Kilos (Dietitian's scale)
70.7 Kilos (My scale)

Target: 63 Kilos

I will try to post my weight daily!


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Anonymous said...

Try not to stand on the scale on a daily bases, do it weekly. I will be checking on you. YOU CAN DO IT, but give it time. 1kg per week is great.

Dietitian's scale is more accurate.

eshda3wa said...

ill compete!!

current weight 58 kg my scale
60 diaticians

goal loose 10

but i wont check everyday
its not healthy
psycologal wise

so once a week

see ya !

Flamingoliya said...

the dietitian told me that I should loose 3 kilos next time I see him in ten days!
his scale shocked me.. it must be more accurate but the thing is I was wearing heavy clothes, not like home ;p

I couldn't resist not checking my weight.. today morning I weighed 69.7
thanks for the encouragement.. and welcome back to blogging.

keep me updated please! and good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

listen, change him! 3kg in 10 days? is he for real? maybe he means that you will lose the water's weight first?

About the scale, I use the digital one at home and I trust it. But what you need is to stick to one scale and trust it from now on.

Good luck and u r welcome :)

Flamingoliya said...

maybe! or maybe it's a challenge? cos it's working! I haven't cheated YET.

mine is digital too.. the regular one wayid ekhoora.