Sunday, April 22, 2007

I boil when I see this sticker

Do we need a heart shaped sticker to prove our love?

Then how come Valentine's is haram?

It took me long to understand how come "Allah" comes before "Sallah".


EniGma said...

I HATE THIS STICKER! especially when it has this white background! omg u should see the one on a building on the fahaheel xpressway (i think shaab ba7ri), it's HUUUUUUUUGE

Weld El-ma6aba said...

i second that

Ra-1 said...

Do u boil when you see cartoons and caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)?

Do u boil when you see stickers of the devil worshippers?
it is on many cars u know!

The comparison with valentines makes no sense!
Is every heart shape related to valentines? :)

Everyone has the freedom to express his/her love in anyway!
some people like others to know how much they love someone so they say it out loud or use stickers, badges, writing a poem or an article etc.! they dont do that to prove anything to anyone, they do it coz they are proud of this person just like college students when they stick stickers of their parties on their cars or teenagers hanging posters or wearing t-shirts of celebreties they admire.
They feel proud showing the world that they love this special person and it makes them feel better in a way :)

Financy said...

I second what Ra-1 said

EniGma said...

ee bas its an ugly sticker ;/

nachla said...

there is no reason for u to boil

عادي كل ينام على الجنب اللي يريحة
بس فعلا الستكر بشع وغبي

في وايد طرق احسن علشان نعبر عن حبنا للنبي

مثلا نصلي وندعي بيننا وبين نفسنا

مو لازم كل الناس تدري

eshda3wa said...

i dont mind the sticker

i have seen alot worse

so this one is not so bad

bs i dont get why allah is before sallah??


eshda3wa said...

oh n how is the diet going??

Flamingoliya said...

Ra-1 we're on different wave lengths.

The Simper said...

is loving by just saying it? or acting in a certain way??

in some building in kuwait city, someone wrote on the wall "mohamad is god's prophet".. does he have to ruin the wall with this writing to express his love?? would he think the prophet would aprove such an act? just wondering!