Friday, February 15, 2008

My Belated Valen6ee6

Today at 7pm I received an international call from a man who shut the phone right after I said "na3am?". At 7:27 I received an sms msg saying:

أجمل وأرق نعم سمعتها بحياتي

At 9:02pm I got another saying:

لو أدري اني سوف أسمع هذا الصوت كنت اتصلت عن طريق الغلط من زمان

Thank you God for sending me someone by mistake to make me happy right after celebrating my Independance day last night.

But the question remains,

أصدق والا ما أصدق؟


Rhombus Tigress said...

9adgi *shino, madri*

Big Pearls said...

la it9adgen..kil il reyayel chathabeen:p

MiYaFuSHi said...

sadgay ishwarach

Enigma said...


la tsadgen :P

baby said...

yah the some men get this post mortum valin6ee6 thingy going on...i got mine at 11 last night..alo?..him: hala shlonch...meno m3aay??..him:ana flan.. a5ooy el nmra '3l6! ...him:la ana mt2aken..*more bullshit*.....hah! walah '3l6aan*chuk* (the prob kel el waqt i can feel him smiling LOL)

Broke said...


أجمل و أرق بعد ؟

هذا شاعر

9adgay .. Why not !

eshda3wa said...

9adgay oo laish mat9adgeeen!

Ms. Baker said...

Allaaaaaahhh ish hal Romeo bu lisan il-3asal...

9adgay, but only in the context of my Boston-under-the-Autumn-tree story :)

(willa agoolich, ghayart raayee - laat 9adgeen, iwaleee Mr. Romeo, talk is cheap and men who think women are stupid enough to fall for such BS - even when they really are stupid enough to fall for such BS - make me mad now)