Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Yesterday & Today

Yesterday while I was lying in bed sick of the dusty weather exchanging emails with Ms.Baker who was also at home lying in bed and exchanging emails with me :P

She sent me this YouTube link where she was one of the young kids dancing there. Watching this video made me feel like watching it for the first time. People looked HAPPY, REALLY HAPPY, just look at their faces and smiles.

While looking at the current celebrations, and comparing them, it seems to me that people just NEED ANYTHING to MAKE them happy. They celebrated in the dust (when the TV was warning them to stay at home) and look at the way they celebrate, I am not saying that carnivals aren't fun neither spraying foam. But why do you think they'd go in the dust? They say because Kuwait deserves it (elKuwait tistahil) but I don't think that that is the reason. The reason is that they are just bored and want any activity that they think might make them happy.

My point is, celebrations before WERE HAPPY. Now, it is just some bored kids who want to dance their way, spraying and damaging cars.

As for today, I read this great post which was linked again to YouTube. There, I found this (Link) and this (Link). Maybe they are old and you all watched them before but it was my first time and I was really touched. Despite the pain of those days, they were also (7ilween). Good in a sense that..... madri shagool.... this whole post is a mess.... I can't express it well... so I hope you got what I mean.


Jewaira said...

It's a wonderful Flamingolayaze post


Anonymous said...

We were Pajama Queens extraordinaire ams, you and I, weren't we... ma9a5na the laziness min galb ;P

You already have heard this, but I will repeat it for fun here - These are a few of my memories of that time and being in that operette:

1. The long green dresses they made for us that we got to wear and which I still have.

2. The crazy title of our school's song : "Ya Igmayret il-DooDoo" - who the heck this Igmayra of the DooDoo is, I have not a clue in hell. Does anyone?

3. The burnt rice and dried out chicken they fed us at the ma3ahed il-5a9a. I can still remember the burnt smell.

4. The tinsel they threw on us at the end of this song sequence. We collected it off the floor and threw it on each other's hair when it was all over.

5. Getting to shake my beloved Baba Jaber's hand and the gold watch and gold medallia he gave us as a present a few weeks afterwards (which I still have).

6. How I got to cut class for rehearsals!! Yaay!

7. Sana Al-5araz's voice really is something mashala.

8. That crazy little girl going all freaky jumping around in that big old meb5ar on stage. I was only 6 then and she still looked nuts to me!

9. How beautiful and innocent we all looked, not this over sexed crazy hyper cartoon look so many Kuwaiti girls have these days.

Flamfloom - reshooni oo sayyartee on the way home today after lunch!! See you at the chalet/ seaside, I am outta here until this is all over.

Oranjina fadidra said...

yeah so true but when think of it when they tried.. they copy paste, blue printed old patriotic songs!
maku creativity..