Monday, February 18, 2008

My Flamentine (Day 3)

I got a few missed calls and the following SMS messages




1:06 pm


صباح الفل يا أرق عطر يهدي رائحته على كل الناس

متكونيش بخيله لو برنه


This reminds me of
الذكرى ناقوس يدق في عالم النسيان

6:35 pm


اجمل حاجة في الدنيا الصبر والصداقة والحب والقلب الطيب




11:01 pm


همبورجر قال لهمبرجراية ما تيجي.

قالت له لأ

قالها ليه يا روحي؟

قالت له أصل عليا كاتشب.

OMG, I just understood this joke

12 am


حقيقي والله نفسي اسمع صوتك خلي قلبك رحيم
OK, I think this is heart softening




Hopeless Poet said...

LOOL at the humberger joke :P

And don't let your heart be ra7eem on him yestahel el la3ab :@

MiYaFuSHi said...

I dont get the joke?

Shopa said...

I used to get similar msgs/calls from a Saudi line. The guy had an Egyptian accent as well...

Big Pearls said...

I think saudi ppl have egyptian accent..those who live in a certain part bas I can't remember which part now...bas ambaaaih saudi men mo shayfeen 5air:p I don't advise you to get involved in long distance relationships loool

eshda3wa said...

i didnt get the joke either

bs ya7lailaha hatha 7ada fatheee

7zaya said...

To be honest I don't find this heart softening LOL :D

Jewaira said...

Flamentine sounds lovely ;-)

Hope you continue to share these sms episodes

MiYaFuSHi said...

Eww! How inappropriate

Mother Courage said...

lol @ the joke .. يمون?
and seriously he sound like a teenager to me.. you deserve better!
missed reading your blog ;*