Sunday, July 06, 2008


Writer's Block


Broke said...

يعل البلوك الويعة

I feel u !

I'm really hating how it suffocates us .

( Keep Trying )

Ms. Baker said...


Very succinct.

Ms. Baker said...

For you, Flaming Flamingoliya:

"Ode to My Writer’s Block"

By Ms. Baker Al-Bakery

Ah, writer's block, so we meet again!
Hello, hello, my terrible old friend.
Once, my creaky door you wouldn’t dare hearken
Now that you’re back I only feel like I’m bark’n.

The last time you came, I wrote a big thesis
I managed to finish without going to pieces.
Who asked you to return, you were not invited!
And you better not say that I was nearsighted!

You come and you go, you mess with my head
All I can do is climb painfully into bed.
The pillows I hit with all of my might
And tear my hair out until I’m such a big fright.

“What shall I write! What shall I write!”
(Maybe I’ll delete my blog out of spite)
A green tea, a coffee, a chocolate or two
Still nothing works to release me from you.

GO AWAY! Madness! Release my poor brain!
Why can’t I write just one stupid refrain?
Argh! This is silly, but what can a girl do?
Go to Marina Mall? Buy MORE expensive shoes?

I jog and I jog, while remembering the blog
And outside the dust rages like L.A. smog.
Sometimes I try with all of my power-
But darn it, you haunt me, even after three showers!

So now I beseech you, just please go away!
Writers block, I will slay you!
If you even *think* you can stay!

Flamingoliya said...

hahahahaa 6al3a min galb!!!!

i will read it over and over till it's gone!!!!

Delicately Realistic said...

T9er ba7san il3aylat ;>

eshda3wa said...

ur in need of inspiration

Flamingoliya said...

long tiiiiiiiime :)