Saturday, July 19, 2008

summer romance

Hello, this is Flamingoliya posting from heaven. Thanks my friends for the comments on my previous posts.
1. in the hotel
how to know there are kuwaitis in the  hotel?
their kids welcome you in the lobby
the free internet in the reception area is reserved by their kids for chatting on msn
when you walk through the corridors going to your room, on one side you smell furga3a
and on the other you small bukhoor
when you walk in the area near by the hotel, you sneeze because of the smell of dihin 3ood
2. when its raining
wa3alayya 3alainna, they hide because of the rain, and we soak wet enjoying it.
3. summer romance
dont despair, it could happen with the tour guide, or the tuktuk rider ;)
dont despair Ü
logging off now, the kids are gonna kill me *wink*
to shurouq,
i lost my ability to write, thus the very short posts :(


Purgatory said...

next time take your laptop

KTDP said...

lets not forget the 4 t0 8 women sitting and drinking tea in the lobby or the maids with nothing to do but loiter around the place.

الزين said...

dont forget the men sitting in the lobby checking u out every time u pass by them


nice post

Jewaira said...

Purgatory sounds menacing.

I like these mini posts

they are like canape sandwiches

Mar8adoosh said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at the "how to know there are kuwaitis in the hotel?" 9ij 9ij what u wrote is 100% true ;p.. ma biga ila they edar3imon in our rooms lol ;p