Sunday, July 20, 2008


i saw a rainbow
sij fagra
i couldnt believe it
i felt like a child
just wanna be a care bear like uuuuuuuuuu


Jewaira said...

did you find a pot of gold?

G h a d o o r said...

alllah i love rainbows ;p

Shurouq said...

Ok short posts aren't bad when you bring up the care bears :D

And now I feel like a child :* Mashkoora

Delicately Realistic said...

Awwww cute !

Rainbows make u go all warm and fuzzy !

Anonymous said...

You should see the ones here on the bay when the waters turn golden as the rain breaks and the sun sets - OMG!

My hair is all wild and curly these days. I'm running around barefoot in cutoff jeans and T shirts, and hanging out at funky pottery places and tiny art galleries. My Canon Rebel XTi has never seen such abuse.

Miss you sweetie :*

Shoush said...

Allah. Min ziman ma shift rainbow.