Sunday, October 05, 2008


shagool sha7chi
shay mukhzi, mukhazi jiddan jiddan.
mali khulg aktib. bas gilt a3abir 3an shu3oori eb sa6rain.
la baktib, akhaf ag3ad bachir nasya el details.

a mother with a 3 year old boy,bandaged leg, on a wheel chair, feeding him a chocolate bar and chips that she got from the vending machine.
there's no cafeteria there.

a man is thirsty. again there's no cafeteria, and the vending machine has no mineral water. there is a barrada but there are no cups. he takes a foam espresso cup from the coffee machine and goes back to barrada to drink. he calls his driver to go to the nearest baqala (soog amwaja albahar almarkazi) to buy him and his family mineral water.

an old woman lying in men's emergency room because the women's is full and her family keeps closing the curtains for the check up.

a man talks loudly on a mobile phone:
him: entay binta? tara obooch 6a7 3alaina bil qahwa. wain morta?
the doctor hears him and calls:
law sama7at law sama7t! she takes the phone and asks: feeh marath? feeh marath bil kila? mo gadir yitnaffas.

a patient's file is lost. they keep looking, but it's still lost.
not found. heard of egov? it's just a myth.

a patient is taken to a room. different staff help to carry her including nurses, farasheen, farashat.
farrash takes the oxygen tube and tries to fix it.
he shouldn't be holding it, hands must be clean. he does it with his mate, wanting tips from the patients family.

patient is lying straight. she can't breath. her son asks the nurse to push up the bed so that she can breath. nurse says that there is no remote. nurse asks farrasha to go to bed number X and takes its remote. farrasha goes and comes back with nothing. nurse asks where is the remote. farrasha says enta makoo gool remote. farrasha is older than the old patient.

patient has to take medicine. patient has to take medicine. patient has to take medicine. she can't open her mouth. family waits forever for the khafara doctor. forever and ever and ever, family goes home.

jana7 emjadad 3ala nafaqat mu7sina. laish? laish 3ala nafaqat mu7sina?

the ceiling is falling down. i can't look above. i am too scared.

lift takes FOREVER. the elderly can't use the stairs.

in the lift: he doesn't know what button to push. many numbers including "open" and "close" are vanished. why not play a guess game?

i feel sick. i don't know what's making me sicker, the illness of the person i was visiting, or the illness of my country.

It's a shame.

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Sloth said...


try working there..
3eedich imbarak :)

Technogal said...

That's why they call it government hospital otherwise it would be private!

Ra-1 said...

أكيد رايحة الطوارىء وبالليل
مجربته مأساة :(
هذا غير الهوشات إلي تصير بين المرضى والدكاترة وبين المرضى مع بعض!
وفي شي لاحظته بعد إن ما يدخلون الناس حسب حالاتهم
يعني واحد ينزف وحالته خطرة ويصارخ مخلينه ينطر وإلي يقدرون ينطرون يدخلونهم قبل
فوضى :/

Ms. Baker said...

Amiri Hospital is where my father died in great, great, pain and unnecessary suffering because of their idiocy, negligence, and incompetence. And where my now dead baby brother was misdiagnosed when he had cancer.

You already know our story.

And you know about the shameful, disgusting cesspools that are Mubarak Hospital and KCCC (Maki Jumaa cancer hospital).

I have mighty, mighty things to say and so could many other Kuwaiti citizens along with me about these shameful and hellish excuses for medical institutions in our country.

MBH said...

Allah bel khair...

My way of life: If you're sick, try herbs; doesn't work? Keep it to yourself; it will either fade, or you'll die. win-win situation (though I'd rather the latter).

[t/y]goom bel salama inshallah.

Jewaira said...


It's a shame.

NBQ said...

Back in March 2005, after a series of unexplained rash, persistent cough, weight loss and blackout episodes, a Dr. in Hadi hospital told me I need to be to a hospital (it was clear to him what it was, but he didn't tell me), so I asked to be transfered to Mubarak hospital.

They admitted me to emergency, it was full, so they put in the area that had two beds and a curtain for privacy (later I found out these beds were for V.I.P. patients). I had to stay in the ER until my blood tests were back. So, I waited and waited. Eventually, non-VIP beds were available so I was moved to one of them (A V.I.P. was moved to the 2nd bed next to me and it seems another v.i.p. was on the way).

Now, I waited some more. The Dr/nurse shift change came around 11pm/12am iirc. Then I waited and waited.. I inquired, I insisted, in frustration I was getting upset (I didnt' pray Isha yet and I needed to get admitted to a room in the ward to wash up and relax).
I insisted they call the lab. The lab said they already sent the results!! They were puzzled...
In my dizziness, I managed to exclaim to the new shift nurses:"hey wait a minute, I was in that bed over there when they took my blood you know!" One of them rushed and sure enough, my blood results where on the table in the OLD bed!!! I guess they didn't bother to check the name of the patient nor did the old shift inform the new shift of bed changes? loool.
Now that I got my result, I calmed down a bit thinking I will soon be rushed to the ward. I waited, and waited and waited. I asked why am I still here? They replied "we are waiting for Ali, your assigned nurse". Well, where is he? no where to be seen. I had to wait for him?!! What the...!!! What if he died or something?!! I got loud... they had someone else move me to the ward in a wheel chair.
Well, after more tests, it turned out I had NHL (cancer)... ohh.. more waiting to xfered to Chest hospital, then finding a bed in KCCC (Maki Jumaa)... but that's another horror story loool.
u can check my nhl survivor blog.