Tuesday, October 07, 2008

i am full

why do i eat till my stomach gets full and feel like throwing up? why do i keep doing that?
my stomach yells and says have mercy
but i haven't
i love food
and food loves me
maybe it's emotional eating
what i want is to fall in love and see if my eating lessens
even when i don't feel like eating, i still eat
my clothes are getting tight
my cheeks are exploding
i don't have the energy to run up the staires
and when i walk, i feel pregnant.
whenever i decide to diet, i eat more
from now on i will try thinking of the opposite
i want to gain wait
lets see, maybe i'd eat less!!
have you been to napket? i so want to go.


Anonymous said...

am not a food lover but ive been eating like a pig recently maybe its because am upset!!!

AL7ESIN said...

embala ana a7eb el akel wayed ba3ed and I know what youre talking about

I never plan to diet it never works! kela I live the moment and I keep telling myself "no not now youre not hungry" and I keep the thought chethe 3ala alhamesh and get busy with something else until my stomach reminds me of food again.

Et3arfen sheno it is pleasurable to eat when youre hungry and you tell yourself that you deserve the food and the good taste? AKH nothing better than a McDonald's McChicken sandwich after 5 6 hours of food deprivation haha

plus, feeling light when you walk and loving your slim fit body is priceless to me

Al khulasah: I LOVE FOOD too much to binge-eat

Ra-1 said...

بالعافية :)
حسافة لا تمتنين بعد ما ضعفتي وصرتي أحلى ;)

Technogal said...

Well probably you are not getting into the right diet! your diet lacks wide variety of healthy food, which in this case causing you hunger and hunger lead to excessive eating! you should eat small portions during the day.. like for example, instead of having three meals during the day, try to have five small meals or lets say snakes!

Ms. D said...

way chenich ana pre-july 2008 ;p

faj2a qarart ina bil6agag ;p chan ath3f ;p o ma zilt ga3 anzil ;p

yakhtech elmawtho3 shakla 3nad ;p

eshda3wa said...

from one food lover to another

i understand ur pain

that guilty pleasure

i gave up fighting

3bady said...

gabel la ta6lben akel aw gabel la taklen goly ana ra7 akel hal kameya el 9e'3era

woo aham shy el 7araka .. ana akel 6 ge6a3 pizza wo wazne 60 kilo le2ne AT7ARAK!!

wo etha feqadtay el amal rejem 7sain dashti wo ge63yyyyy

Anonymous said...

We're going we're going we're going to Napket wella ihimmich :*

Bes maku 3la Pret a manger my favorite.

It's called emotional eating my dear Flamfloom.


Jewaira said...


And then run for your life.

Anonymous said...

Jewaira is absolutely right.

Eat, but then burn what you eat by moving as much as you can. It works.

Mrs. said...

I went thru that phase bs now im 'khafifing' meaning akel eli abi bs in smaller portions and avoiding people whos definition of socialising means eating:P

3abeer said...

lol.. you are something else ! ;)

I like ur strategy.. think you lose.. so you gain.. and think you gain so you lose..

if it works ..let me know ;)