Saturday, October 18, 2008

saying my goodbyes

at coasta now, sipping my mocha with melted flake, crunching my cheese croissant. i feel like crying. it's my last day. i am going to diet care and start a new phase of torture. i just hope i loose weight fast so that i can come back here to my flake mocha and cheese croissant. there are other restaurants i want to say my goodbyes to. but you can't have them all in a matter of a few days. 

now the question is, can you refer me to a good dietitian in diet care? i used to go to essa dashti who was great and now i can't seem to recognize the other names there, essa left them.




Shams said...

flammy what happened to diet center madry mino ?you were doing great with them

Jewaira said...

روحي المستوصف


Ra-1 said...

دايت كير أحسن مكان
وأكلهم لذيذ
بس آنا كل مرة ما آخذ موعد عند الأخصائي أشترك على مسؤوليتي
مع إن متابعة الدكتور ضمن اشتراكي بس أحس ماله داعي

Anonymous said...

Maku 3la Paul's raspberry tart and an espresso eaten with beloved friends who let me have a bite of their chocolate cake too (you) :*

Adieu, but au revoir Monsieur Paul.

Speaking of which, considering how sugar deprived I am on Dr. Bonnie's super lo-sugar food regimen, I am starting to fantasize about those little brown sugar packets at Starbucks even :/