Saturday, January 14, 2006


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Shurouq said...

Jam3iyat E7yaa al Turath never fails to insult us.

Read this from their weekly al Furqan..
Scroll down to numbers 15 and 18.

I wanted to write something about it, but I've already written a couple of posts on Furqan.. I didn't want to repeat myself.

Papillona ® said...

ما هكذا الحكي يا فلامنغولية هاهاهاهاها

BloBoz said...

where can i get a copy, Plz don't tell me to get it from their ga5oar.

Baroque said...

is this some kind of joke ? :P
are they for real?!
lalalala they must be going mental :P

3baid said...

Um.. that's not a hijab; that's a ni8ab. :/

ray said...


i'm actually speech-less !!!!!!

Tayha said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I HAD to comment on this.. min sijhom? wela you made that up? is that jam3ia in Kuwait???? omg hehehehehe damn thats funny..

Jewaira said...

An insult to all Kuwaiti women.
Thanks for sharing Flamingoliya

Broke said...

Everytime I read ur 7ijhab posts , a7es chenna a7ad ga3d ydaldeqny :P

meWHO! said...

I need one of these posters to add it to my vintage posters collection!

Flamingoliya said...

I found an ad on flickr next to my Hijab picture. An online islamic shopping store.

Burqa, khimar, abaya, niqab, iraqi & saudi styles.

Khuffs for those who hear about "raja3 bi khuffay 7onain" but don't know what khuff is.

different kinds of Kohl, henna, middle eastern suger wax AAAAAAND AFRICAN HALAL SOAP

and last but not least sirwal khamees

Hashemy said...

looooool Flamingoliya khalastay mn fulla o e7jabha jabalty hathy ;p
madre shfeech 3alaihom hehehe
ana ham agool ma hakatha el kalam ya Flamingoliya hehehe ;p

Eva said...

abeh abeh abeeh LA ELSITE @@ !

it's like a shop for cOStume party 7ag elle yabee yetnakkar as Ben Laden Wife :p

YAbLEE ELQAMET ! shinu thisss

Flamingoliya said...

check out this related post... if you're a lazy reader, just go to the last 2 paragraphs

oh and Hashemi, hope you like it. don't know who my next victim will be though ;p

Rimyoleta said...

Oh God...Loool:)

NuNu™ said...

ما هذا الاسلام يا حجاب؟؟
It's kinda telling the woman to be dead =/

ChiKiTTa said...

I know they might sound & look primitive in the way they wanna spread Islam, However…. Making fun & mocking is not the way, We all know that Islam is that of tolerance & peace & “Allah e3rafoh bel3agel” bas some of these comments pissed me off! It ain’t right to make fun & I ain’t “Theresa” but…. Get my point! :$

Yes these people & these mentalities still exist & even for a mohajaba like myself, they give me crap for the way I dress, but we all got brains & as they say TFEH !

Qatar Cat said...

I can't read what's written in Arabic... but those pics look pretty much like your average Qatari lady, hehe.


Anonymous said...

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