Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Singles' Reunion

N and I were best friends since high school. We haven’t been talking much in the last few years. We only met at funerals. Today I was calling my other friend and N picked up the phone. I recognized her voice and realized that I dialed the wrong number. It’s been years since I last called her, especially at her home telephone number so the mistake wasn’t expected at all.

We both kept asking “who’s speaking?” although I was the one who called. A friend whom I haven’t called in years; I had to find a way not to make her realize that I dialed the wrong number.

We talked and talked. Each one of us told what she went through in brief. We’ve been to the same country in the summer; we both went through the exact same drama in love life. And we both and at the same timing came to a conclusion that living single isn’t that bad. We both feel obligation free. Our married friends even envy us for being single.

I had constant dreams of her. It usually happens to me with close friends who I love but am away from. So while I was listening to all the events that she went through, I was at the same time matching them with the dreams I had. It felt like deja vu.

I am so glad I dialed the wrong number and got a chance to talk to her. Old friends have their special place in my heart no matter how different we grow. We always have our memories that bind us. Through the years we were apart, she was always on my mind; I knew that she was just a phone call away when ever I needed. I felt so happy today and I regret not contacting her earlier.
P.S. I will reply to the comments on previous posts soon. Sorry for the delay.


Shurouq said...

Flamingoliya, shlonich? :)

That was moving.. I wonder if I should dial a couple of wrong numbers too

Happy New Year, dear

3baid said...

Happy New Year!
LOL, the whole time I was reading your post I was thinking of SheWrites until I realized N. isn't the same N. person ehehe :P

Jewaira said...

Nice. You must have been guided to her.

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I need to do some of those calls 2.

Rimyoleta said...

oh! you got me thinking alot!! I miss my old friends:(..

Broke said...

Wanasah ! I'm happy 4 u :)

Babby said...

sounds Cooooooool !! i knew well how does it feel !!

i got a friend since i was 10 years old ! ya3ny almost now 12 years together ! o0 nafs el 7alla ..
i still didn't found the one who understand me the way she does ! o0 we got LOTS of funny memos ! when we just talk thru the Phone we spent time talking by hours about those sweet MEMOS .. ! wallah GOOD FRIENDS always keep foot prints deep in mind and heart ..

enshallah doom etkounen happy ya rab :)

nice said...

انت ينطبق عليج بيت الشعر
لك يا منازل في القلوب منازل
أقفرت انت وهن منك أواهل

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Sounds like fate was determined to get you guys together! I love that when it happens...good friends are hard to find and i guess the universe knew you both needed each other at that moment! Mabrook..a good omen for the beginning of this year...inshallah dayman 7ayatich malee3a bel good omens..'coz you deserve it Flam!