Saturday, January 21, 2006

She Just Knew

Sister: "Can you believe that I teared today over Sheikh Jaber's death?"

We were all shocked by the early morning news the day Sheikh Jaber died except my sister. She was in the toilet when her mobile rang three times, a thing that caused her horror as it definitely meant bad news. So as soon as she left the toilet she yelled: "WHAT’S WRONG?" And when I told her that Sheikh Jaber died her response was:
"ASHWA,Thank God!"

I thought that that was very insensitive but she explained that she thought that it was one of our ill family members.
We all watched TV, and read the news, but nothing, I MEAN NOTHING moved her. She was very pleased with the 3 day vacation we had.

So today, she confessed that she nearly cried over a TV program at AL Ray channel. She heard a young girl who lost her father during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. She was only 4 months old back then. So, she grew up without a father but Baba Jaber. She said that "He was a father to me. I never felt the need for anyone or anything; his words, his support, his tender fatherly look, and his continuous care". Sheikh Jaber was a father to all the children of martyrs and prisoners of war.

My sister was finally moved, and so was I. The thing is, we never feel the importance of people until we loose them. I feel a gap now, I cried when I heard the news, and I still tear whenever I hear or read about him. I never knew I'd feel this way; it’s a big loss to Kuwait.


Papillona ® said...

awww :(

siktay ibroo7i kellish sayra 3adi al7een abchi ma3akom

Flamingoliya said...

oops, I should've warned you before checking it :~)

Judy Abbott said...

this is the thing about it ..that he is not close and you dont see him every day and kiss good morning..but he is close in other way...
i mean every day in school we used to say ya7ya baba jaber... every day in my life he was sheikh jaber...

oh gosh and when i see his daughter in law and she talks about him ...we all gather as if our grandpa who lives abroad is sending us his kisses.
i dont know its a wierd feeling honestly it has nothing to do with politics nor the country ..its something about him.

may he rest inpeace.

Broke said...

Ur words are very moving too ..

Everytime I hear parts of his speech on the radio ykesh sha3ar yanby ..

I think that ppl like him are irreplaceable .

Salted-Caramel said...


Flamingoliya said...

Judy, I know what you're saying.. Allah yer7oma.

Broke, yeah he was one of a kind. and thanks.

Salty, guwwa ;p