Friday, February 03, 2006

Boycotting Danish Products POLL

Are you with or against boycotting Danish products?
I have no opinion
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Shurouq said...

Actually, I was at Sultan center earlier and their "we boycott Danish products" sign got me thinking.. Let's boycott the boycotters.

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe but if we boycott them, min wain nishrab Dr.Pepper ?
but i didn't expect enna sultan center boycotts too. i can only imagine danish products being distributed privately like drugs in the near future :P this reminds me of the days we didn't have cadbury's flake.

Papillona ® said...

ma 3indihom salfa
are they really thinking they're punishing Denmark? seriouly?
coz they're only punishing themselves lol

MiYaFuSHi said...

Wana bag3ad adwir il labels on everything I buy 3ashan I boycott?

Ba3dain shino hal suwalif il kids hathy?

Makooooooooo shughul!

dishevelled said...

I'm against the boycotting too, I think it's ridiculous

But I was wondering howcome KDD didn't get boycotted?

Delicately Realistic said...

A few scribbles by a bored cartoonist and we have this. I don't see the realtionship with that and boycotting Danish products.

A3sab said...

kdd is 100 percent kuwaiti.

jiji said...

do u wanna hear a good one?

my sister has friends el-english malhom is almost low-medium..

elmohim.. last week they went out for breakfast.. ra7aw la marina in sharq.. no3hom saraw la itha shay danish ma nabeh (6b3an theyd use the word denamarky) anyhooo.. fa bs awal ma dashaw garaw elmenue.. (3araby aked) wala e6e7 3enhom 3ala kilmat (mu3ajanat denamarkeya) which is danish!!!, we all know wut danish are!!.. i, for one LOVE THEM!!! bs its not the case with these girls.. they didnt even know wut danish were!

my sister 7awelat tfahemhom ina its the name of the akla not the ingredient being danish.. laa galaw laa sheno hatha ma63am eqadim muntajat denamarkeya!! chan e6il3on ow yroo7on mukan thany!!!

7addddd`hom elq80s habbbbbbaaaaaaaa

ow some co-ops shayleen mn their shelves KDD!!! ay shay!!! la ow ely ytha7ek inhom imkhalen danon which is ashkara denamarky!! bs cuz gabla kilmat safi sar 3abalhom s3ody... 7emdilla alf 7emdilla ow elsheker lik ya rab 3ala ni3mat el3aqil

Flamingoliya said...

they can just sue them.

like what A3sab said. KDD is kuwaiti.

I remembered your story while ordering my breakfast and LOLed.

Flamingoliya said...

Nunu's lost and found comment:

6ab3an against!!!
والا تبون على آخر عمرنا ننام بالبر ونعيش عالفقع؟

Posted by NuNu™ to Flamingoliya at 2/04/2006 05:30:01 PM

طبعا ما نبي

Flamingoliya said...

Are you with or against boycotting Danish products?

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With 32% 18
Against 64% 36
I have no opinion 4% 2

56 votes total
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