Saturday, February 11, 2006

Love Kuwait?

Scared Expat?
Originally uploaded by I Love Q8.
Don't speed!

A public note: add such messages to your cars, much more useful than love notes, trademarks, football teams, and your nicknames or emails!!


Broke said...

EE wallah ..

I suggest this also :

Love q8 ?

Keep it clean !

مو يتغنون بحب الوطن و يقطون قراطيسهم من الدريشة

Ms.Baker said...


I prefer : "Dude, buzz off"


Flamingoliya said...

so many times i wanted to yell at them! UGH! they don't even respect people around them. as if they are throwing trash on your face!

hehe i like that. i actually had it on my car (which my dad thought was rude) when i first got my lisence till it got melted in the sun then changed it to: DANGER LADY DRIVER :P